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The use of floor tiles in a large area of home is the choice of most owners in decoration, especially in kitchen and bathroom space. The characteristics of easy care, bright and clean floor tiles are also loved by most people, but in daily life, the maintenance of floor tiles can not be ignored. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain the floor tiles, and also teach you how to choose floor tiles

the large-scale application of floor tiles in home furnishings is the choice of most owners in decoration, especially in kitchen and bathroom space. The characteristics of easy care, bright and clean floor tiles are also loved by most people, but in daily life, the maintenance of floor tiles can not be ignored. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain the floor tiles, and also teach you how to choose floor tiles

I. how to maintain floor tiles

1 As for floor tiles, they are not very resistant to dirt, and their anti fouling property is not particularly good, so they should be cleaned frequently to maintain indoor hygiene, which is not only conducive to the maintenance of floor tiles, but also conducive to human health

2. When it comes to the maintenance of floor tiles, the detergent used is very particular. If there is ink, you can use toothpaste to clean it. If it is coffee, beer and other stains, you can use detergent, washing powder and other cleaners to clean it

3. In the process of using floor tiles, it is inevitable that they will be polluted by oil, ink, tea, rust stains, etc., so in order to maintain the floor tiles and indoor hygiene, it is necessary to often clean the floor tiles, otherwise their service life will be reduced

4. Regular waxing of floor tiles is also a method of maintenance. Waxing can not only increase the waterproof and antifouling properties of tiles, but also resist some conflicts and bumps. Generally speaking, waxing once every three months or four times a year can ensure that tiles are as bright as new

II. Buying skills of floor tiles

1. Choose floor tiles to distinguish space

when choosing floor tiles, there should be differences in material. Floor tiles are divided into polished tiles and glazed tiles. Polished tiles are also called vitrified tiles, which are characterized by good wear resistance and no need to immerse in water. Because they are smooth and beautiful, they are better used in the living room and dining room, and are relatively easy to wipe. Glazed tiles, also known as mirror tiles, are characterized by good skid resistance, and the better the skid resistance effect when encountering water. However, it should be noted that glazed tiles are more sensitive to dust, resulting in the weakening of the skid resistance effect. Glazed tiles are best used in kitchens and bathrooms because they are easily wet

2. It is essential to understand parameters.

tile hardness is the most important parameter, which will directly affect the service life of tiles, which is particularly important. The simplest way is to listen to the sound by knocking. The crisp sound indicates that the internal quality is good and it is not easy to deform and break; The color difference and size can be judged directly. Check whether the colors of a batch of ceramic tiles are generally the same and whether they can be better put together. If the color difference is small and the size is regular, it is the top grade

of course, the identification of technical functions can't be based on feeling alone, but also on the manufacturer's certificate. Generally speaking, the products that meet the technical standards have the certificate of conformity issued by the state

another important parameter is wear resistance, which is divided into five degrees from low to high. Five degrees belong to super wear resistance, which is generally not used for home decoration. Bricks for home decoration can be selected between one degree and four degrees. Water absorption also determines the use of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles with high water absorption have low density and loose brick holes, so they should not be used in places with frequent flow, so as to avoid cleaning after water absorption and scaling; Ceramic tiles with low water absorption have high density and high moisture-proof and antifouling capacity

3. Check the inspection lecture

when selecting ceramic tiles, consumers can identify the quality of ceramic tiles by viewing the inspection lecture and certification certificate provided by the merchant. The best time to issue the test speech is within half a year, and the last “ Judgment conclusion ” To be qualified, the maintenance unit that issues the inspection speech should be powerful. Generally, there are CMA (metrology certification), cal (examination and approval), CNAL (National Laboratory Accreditation) and other chapters on the test speech. The number of chapters reflects the qualification of the maintenance unit. CMA is the most basic necessary. Some maintenance units with lower qualification do not have cal chapter, and national and higher qualification provincial maintenance units have CNAL chapter. When viewing the certification certificate, the certificate should correspond to the sales product. This year, 3C certification of ceramic tiles has begun. 3C certification is the same certification standard in the country. Other previous relevant certifications will be the same to 3C certification. Ceramic tiles that pass 3C certification have better reliability than ordinary ones

the detection items of ceramic tiles are mainly radioactivity. Whether radioactive substances exceed the standard is the primary concern of consumers when purchasing ceramic tiles. The radioactivity detection of ceramic tiles is based on the national mandatory standard for radionuclide limits of building materials GB6566-2001, which mainly detects the radioactivity of radium, thorium and potassium. At present, there are few regular brand ceramic tiles whose radioactivity detection exceeds the standard

4. You can't buy ceramic tiles cheaply

some small manufacturers fight a crazy price war by lowering production costs. As everyone knows, ceramic tiles need to be used for many years. At one time, it is economical to buy ceramic tiles that are not wear-resistant from small manufacturers. One year later, the surface of the tiles is mottled, crackled and unsightly. Spend money to pave bricks again. For one thing, all kinds of electric and gas pipelines that have been paved cannot be moved easily; Second, the chaos and noise of the second decoration disturbed the whole family. The most terrible thing is that some small manufacturers produce products that are not environmentally friendly in order to reduce costs, so it is recommended that consumers still choose tiles from regular manufacturers

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