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Strength is not expressed by words but by strength. Marketing is a means and quality is a guarantee. Dingpei wardrobe with environmental protection, health and excellent quality of the whole house overall customization products, has risen rapidly in the overall customization industry, and has become a new star in the Furniture Customization industry

March 13 is a memorable day for dingpei custom furniture Shizhu store. At 2 p.m. on the same day, the 313 double president signing meeting of dingpei custom furniture Shizhu store was held in Shizhu as scheduled

before the signing ceremony, the marketing department specialist of the company headquarters worked with the staff of the exclusive store to accumulate sufficient customer resources after 15 days of water storage. Before the event began, a lot of customers and owners of nearby buildings had gathered at the event site. Some customers who knew about dingpei customized wardrobe had placed orders to take away the prizes before the event began, taking advantage of the preferential price of the business event on the day of the event

time passed quickly. As soon as the colleagues in the exclusive store finished their work in the store, it was already two o'clock in the afternoon. Dingpei's colleagues began to prepare for the next activities. On the stage set up, special personnel were assigned to explain the environmental protection of boards, furniture maintenance and other issues to the owners. In order to convince consumers that the Wanhua Hexiang board used by dingpei is a truly qualified Wanhua zero formaldehyde emission Hexiang board, which is a truly healthy and environmentally friendly board, Ma Jianfeng, the channel specialist of the headquarters, boiled Hexiang board with water on site, and then boiled noodles

a more unique picture came out. Ma Jianfeng picked up the instant noodles and ate them. Such a bold move surprised the customers and owners present, and proved the boards of his wardrobe and other furniture so physically that the atmosphere of the scene reached a climax. Orders also led to a climax with the holding of the event, 10 orders, 20 orders Orders continue to grow. Due to careful planning and rehearsal in advance, dingpei's partners are very busy, but there is no single error. Three hours passed in the blink of an eye. Looking at a thick stack of orders, Ding Pei's colleagues laughed, and their efforts will eventually pay off

in the process of water storage in the early stage, in order to enable the members of the dingpei Shizhu exclusive store to achieve the purpose of rapid growth, the headquarters sent the elite team of the channel department to the store in person to carry out various work, cooperate with the colleagues of the exclusive store to carry out various work rather than command, greatly improve the enthusiasm of the employees of the exclusive store, and exercise the ability of the employees of the exclusive store to be alone. Everyone at the scene should be able to achieve the predetermined 1+1> 2 effect, 3 hours, 70 orders, on-site payment of 410000

after the activity, Xiang Zong of Shizhu exclusive store said happily to the elites of the channel department: "This activity is very successful, which is inseparable from everyone's efforts. This harvest is not only these dozens of lists, but also the elites of the headquarters, who let my team learn sales skills and how to give full play to the team's ability. Thank dingpei headquarters for sending such an excellent team to help us. Don't leave tonight, we won't return until we are drunk!"





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