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In June, the home decoration market gradually entered the peak season as developers successively delivered buildings. Major home decoration companies have launched various preferential packages to attract consumers. Remind that in the process of home decoration, we should pay attention to the processes that are easy to be cut corners

in June, as developers successively delivered buildings, the home decoration market gradually entered the peak season. Major home decoration companies have launched various preferential packages to attract consumers. Remind that in the process of home decoration, we should pay attention to the processes that are easy to be cut corners

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paint is most likely to be cut corners

in decoration construction, painting is the most easy link to cut corners. According to the process regulations, the construction of wall emulsion paint is generally “ 1 bottom 2 sides ”, Wood lacquer should be “ 3 bottom and 2 sides ”, However, if workers brush less primer or finish paint, although there will be a slight color difference, it is almost invisible to owners who are laymen. But after oneortwo years, wall cracks, paint mottled and other phenomena will appear

there will also be tricks of cheating in paint Construction: the decoration company does not implement the contract, providing the owner with non branded paint, or the workers replace the high-quality paint bought by the owner with low-quality paint, so as to earn a price difference. This will lead to uneven paint surface coating, color difference, or the decline of mildew and acid-base resistance of the wall, which will seriously affect the decoration effect

Yan Shifu said that the owner had better take time to supervise the paint construction on site, which is the most effective way to avoid Jerry building. When the decoration materials enter the site, the owner should also carefully verify the brand, specification, series, etc. of the paint, and it is necessary for the owner to understand the painting area to estimate how much paint is required for construction. It should also be noted that the painting of wood needs “ Everything ”, Including front, side, back, inside and outside

basic treatment is easy to be ignored

when it comes to basic treatment, many prospective owners may not know much about this process. Generally speaking, if the base of the wall is not treated cleanly and dust is left, it will cause problems such as latex paint falling off, discoloration, and weak tiling; If the wall is not painted with varnish before paving “ Back cover ”, It will also lead to water vapor extravasation, watermarks, falling off and mildew on the wallpaper. Before the waterproof construction, the base course is not treated with water slurry, and the holes and burrs on the blank wall will bring quality hidden dangers

master Yan said that the grass-roots treatment is the first step of construction, and it is also a key step that directly affects the following links. Before painting the wall, check whether there are holes in the wall that need to be filled, and then remove the original wall. The repaired part of the wall shall be polished with sandpaper to ensure that the texture is consistent with the large area after repair, and the floating ash shall be cleaned

pay attention to hollowing when laying tiles

what are you afraid of when laying tiles? Empty drum, of course. The hollowing phenomenon of ceramic tiles is closely related to Jerry building. If the semi dry mortar under the tiles is too thick or thin, the cement paste on the back of the tiles is not uniform and full, and the cement grade of the tiles is not up to standard, these may lead to the hollowing of the tiles. However, in order to facilitate construction or save costs, decoration companies may exploit loopholes in these links, and homeowners need to pay special attention when inspecting houses

it is worth mentioning that the thickness of semi dry mortar when laying tiles is also exquisite, generally at 4— About 5cm, which can fully protect the water and electricity lines under the tiles and ensure the flatness of the ground

master Yan believes that the cement paste for tiling must be full and uniform; Glazed tiles are generally soaked in water for more than two hours when paving, and then paved under natural conditions, otherwise the tiles may crack due to the action of cement. The full-length bricks and glass mosaics generally do not need to be soaked, but it is troublesome to stick them up after soaking; In addition, the tile surface should be knocked for inspection 24 hours after laying. If there is an empty drum sound, it should be laid again

waterproofing works are the most concealed

waterproofing is an important concealed works. Many newly decorated houses have no problems in the closed water test of acceptance, but they live in 2— Three years later, there was moisture and water leakage, so that the owner not only had to compensate the downstairs neighbors for the losses, but also had to spend a lot of time and money on renovation. This is the result of cutting corners in waterproof engineering. The waterproof thickness is not enough, or the materials are unqualified

master Yan reminded that waterproof construction should first select materials, choose brand goods first, and use well-known brand materials with advanced technology, aging resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, and complete quality certification. Secondly, the construction should be standardized. All the floors and walls of the bathroom, kitchen and balcony should be waterproof, of which the waterproof of the bathroom wall should not be less than 1.8 meters, and the waterproof of the kitchen and balcony should not be less than 0.3 meters. More importantly, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be sufficient, because daily chemicals commonly used in life contain acid, alkali and chlorine corrosives, and the thickness of the waterproof layer directly affects the corrosion-resistant life





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