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Ceiling has been a very common way of decoration. Ceiling refers to the top decoration of the housing living environment. In short, it refers to the decoration of the ceiling, which is one of the important parts of interior decoration. The types and ways of ceiling are extremely diverse. Different ceilings show different decoration effects

the ceiling has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption, which can make up for the shortcomings of the original building, beautiful and enrich our visual perception and regional division. It is also a hidden layer for electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communication and fire prevention, alarm pipeline equipment and other projects. The top surface of home space is as important as the wall and ground, which has a great impact on the overall decoration effect. Therefore, we must work on the ceiling construction acceptance. Let's take a look at the ceiling construction acceptance strategy with Xiaobian

first, cleverly prevent construction misunderstandings

misunderstandings 1: pursue personality too much

when installing the ceiling, some people will design uneven shapes, thinking that the uneven shapes will highlight the personality of the owner, or use glass, mirrors and other materials, which brings difficulties to the usual cleaning, making the ceiling a place to hide dirt, thus polluting the indoor air environment. This is especially true in northern areas with heavy sandstorms and dust

tips for small editors: it is recommended that consumers install ceilings according to the actual situation of home space. The ceilings of living rooms and bedrooms should be decorated with simple lines as far as possible; It is recommended to use ordinary aluminum gusset ceiling and glass and other materials as little as possible in the bathroom and kitchen, so as to avoid the ceiling becoming a place to hide dirt

Myth 2: there is no need to set up a maintenance port on the ceiling

the ceiling can make the home space more beautiful. Many consumers ignore future maintenance while pursuing beauty. When installing the ceiling, it will not be easy to maintain the ceiling and check the wires in the future without leaving a maintenance hole for the ceiling

small editor's trick: setting up a maintenance port may affect the appearance, but the maintenance port can't be missing, because the ceiling may be full of wires. In the future, you can't find a place to probe in. All places are sealed, so you have to completely uncover the ceiling, which is really not worth the loss. A 500mm× ceiling with small area is generally reserved; 600mm maintenance port is enough

myth 3: ceiling installation does not need to take too much trouble

many consumers believe that the ceiling is only a small part of decoration, and the area is small, so it does not need to spend too much effort to do it. Finally, because the installation is not careful enough, the ceiling is not firm, often planting a curse for home safety

small editor's advice: if the ceiling is not firmly installed, there will be a risk of collapse. Therefore, when installing, we must firmly install the ceiling keel, plate, etc., and do not plant a curse

myth 4: blindly install the ceiling

many consumers believe that the ceiling is enough for home decoration. In fact, because the floor height of commercial housing is not as high as before, it is usually only about 2.6 meters. If such a relatively narrow space is completely installed with ceilings, it will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then cause some physiological reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, etc

small editor's advice: not all spaces are suitable for ceiling installation, and the height of the ceiling also needs to be calculated. If the height of the house is only 2.6 meters to 2.8 meters, it is best to choose to make a simple ceiling around the ceiling. The area should not be too large. The height of the general ceiling

second, be careful not to enter the misunderstanding of acceptance

myth 1: do not check the cleanliness during acceptance

some people may think that the ceiling will not have dust and does not need cleaning and inspection, but if the ceiling is a layered concave convex shape, it is easy to hide dirt and accept dirt

small editor's advice: the ceiling is easy to hide dust. During the decoration acceptance, the cleanliness of the ceiling also needs to be checked. Generally, it is necessary to check the surface cleanliness of the ceiling, whether there are sundries in the gap of the ceiling, or whether there are waste materials left by construction, etc

Myth 2: high smoothness of aluminum gusset plate ceiling is good

when checking the installation of aluminum gusset plate ceiling, some owners will complain that the surface smoothness of ceiling plate is not enough, which will affect the overall aesthetics. I hope the master can polish it again. In fact, this idea is a big misunderstanding of acceptance

small plait support: the surface of the installed ceiling is smooth without bumps, and it does not need to be too smooth. Too smooth surface instead leads to the increase of space reflectance, which is easy to cause household light pollution

misunderstanding 3: the more flat the ceiling is, the better

such misunderstanding usually exists during acceptance, and the ceiling must be installed smoothly. Therefore, the owners are very strict about the flatness inspection during the acceptance. They think that the requirements for the flatness of the ceiling are the same as those of the ground and wall. In fact, this idea is incorrect

small editor's advice: it is good for the ceiling to be stable, but the more flat it is, the better. It is necessary to consider the problem that the ceiling keel will sag in the future. Therefore, during inspection, the center of the ceiling keel should be arched 1/200 from the short side to meet the standard

the above is a detailed explanation of the ceiling construction acceptance strategy. I believe everyone should have no problem with the ceiling construction acceptance. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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