50000 sets up a 55 square meter modern simple wedd

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[decoration price]: 50000

[decoration style]: modern simplicity

[decoration purpose]: wedding room

[decoration area]: 55 ㎡

[decoration keyword]: Snail House; Marriage room; Modern simplicity

[owner's self statement]: the owner's self statement: the wedding room is 55 square meters, and the total decoration cost (excluding electrical appliances) is more than 50000. The modern simple decoration style, after hard study, from searching for information on the Internet to consulting friends, from finding a decoration company to the placement of a pot of plants, wants to decorate our nest in every detail. There are also nearly half a year of hard and bitter construction. The final effect is still very satisfactory. Please enjoy my warm cabin together. The whole living room. What about? Is it particularly generous and warm

look at the living room from another angle

or living room. Beige sofa and gauze curtains make the whole living room refreshing and generous. The TV cabinet and coffee table use dignified dark coffee tones





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