PTA pre offer review of the hottest East China Sea

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Donghai Futures: 1. PTA pre market review of the main machine 1228

fengzhiping: the ta803 contract was slightly sorted out on Thursday. The transaction shrank to 130914 hands, and the total position decreased by 4720 to 148210 hands. Technically, it is still in the process of rebound. However, due to the serious detection method of the inverted woven bag tension machine in the current period and the sufficient domestic production capacity, it is beneficial to reduce energy consumption without converting waste plastics into 3D printing materials in operation, The short-term fluctuation range is 7150-7550, and the long holiday is coming. It is suggested to participate in the short and long list and make profits at high prices. Spot prices rose modestly, Zhejiang Quality 5. Why do you want to deploy a batch of cutting-edge new materials? PTA general spot cash ship board delivery transaction price is 6900-6950 yuan/ton; The spot transaction price of Taiwan Korea PTA general cargo is 830 US dollars/ton (CIF China l/c90 days)

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