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Four league standards, including fresh eggs, solicit public opinions to ensure that you can eat "safe eggs"

[industry standard for packaging and printing industry] eggs are a kind of cheap and good animal protein food and an important part of the table diet of urban and rural residents. Recently, four group standards, including "safe egg product standard fresh egg" and "safe egg circulation standard fresh egg", proposed by Guangdong Food Circulation Association, have completed the draft for comments, which have been publicly solicited and will be closed before July 16, 2020

after years of development, China's layer breeding industry has gradually formed a large-scale integrated, specialized, intensive and moderately large-scale production base model, the industrial scale has gradually expanded, and the total egg output has been rising. Influenced by traditional consumption habits, Chinese residents' egg consumption is mainly fresh egg consumption. With the progress of science and technology and the change of consumer preferences, the product structure of fresh eggs has been continuously optimized, and the safety performance of fresh eggs has been gradually enhanced, showing diversity

in order to further improve the safety level of safe egg and poultry feed, fresh egg processing and circulation, recently, the group standards of "safe egg and poultry feed standard fresh egg", "safe egg and poultry farm grade evaluation standard fresh egg", "safe egg product standard fresh egg" and "safe egg circulation standard fresh egg" proposed by Guangdong Food Circulation Association have completed the draft for comments, which have been publicly solicited, Relevant units and experts are requested to carefully review the standard text and put forward valuable comments and suggestions on the draft of the standard, which will be closed before July 16, 2020

according to the introduction, the four group standards, including "safe egg product standard fresh egg" and "safe egg circulation standard fresh egg", were proposed and centralized by Guangdong Food Circulation Association, which can blend ABS resin with a variety of resins. The drafting units include Guangdong Lvyang Agriculture Co., Ltd., Intertek (Guangzhou) Technical Service Co., Ltd., China Resources venture Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Food Association Technical Service Co., Ltd Guangdong guangdanyuan Agriculture Co., Ltd., Guangdong Food Circulation Association, Guangzhou life Code Technology Co., Ltd., etc

among them, the "standard fresh eggs for poultry breeding feed" mainly specifies the requirements from six aspects: scope, terms and definitions, premise scheme, establishment and implementation of HACCP plan, implementation and improvement of HACCP system. In the scope, the standard specifies the good production practice (premise scheme) and the technical requirements for hazard analysis and key control points of the safe egg and poultry breeding feed, which is applicable to the whole production process of the safe egg feed when the deformation can continue to increase without increasing (or keeping constant) the force

in the premise scheme, the group standard is divided into 14 aspects, including equipment maintenance, general principles and regulations for raw material control of assured egg feed, production and processing process control of assured egg feed, product protection of assured egg feed, health standard operating procedures, etc

in order to meet the hygienic requirements for safe egg feed, the standard stipulates that the surface (including equipment, appliances, etc.) contacted by the feed shall be clean, hygienic and safe, so as to ensure that the feed is free from cross contamination, which shall comply with the requirements of gb/t technical specification for prevention and control of cross contamination of feed processing equipment, etc

ensuring the safe circulation of safe eggs is also a very important step to ensure the safety of people's table diet. It is understood that the group standard of "safe eggs circulation standard fresh eggs" is strictly standardized in 10 aspects, including scope, terms and definitions, production and processing, quality requirements, packaging and identification, storage, transportation, and sales terminals. In addition, the group standard is attached with two appendices, including the requirements for safe eggs to enter and leave the cold storage and the basic requirements for the collection of traceability information of safe eggs

in the packaging and marking, the group logo requires that the packaging materials should be solid, durable, breathable and bumpproof. Plastic boxes, corrugated boxes or other packaging materials can be used. Food grade ink should be used for pasting materials or spraying on the eggshell surface. In the process of transportation, the League standard stipulates that cold chain trucks such as refrigerated trucks and heat preservation trucks shall meet relevant requirements, and the outside of the compartment shall be equipped with a thermometer that can be directly observed or an automatic thermometer that can monitor the temperature of the compartment during transportation, so as to ensure that the temperature of the refrigerated storage and transportation of assured eggs is 0 ℃ -5 ℃ with the serious surplus of Chinese housing and the sharp decline of the young population

in fact, in addition to ensuring the fresh quality of assured eggs in the storage and transportation process, the quality of assured eggs should also be strictly controlled in the sales terminal. The deterioration of egg products frequently occurs due to improper storage and shelf temperature in the sales place

in this regard, in the sales terminal, the group standard specifies the storage and shelf temperature in the sales place. The normal temperature sales temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, and the cold storage sales temperature is 0 ~ 5. These materials are receiving attention in the vast end-user market. The temperature in the low-temperature display cabinet is allowed to rise for a short time, but it shall not be higher than 10 ℃ after rising

original title: solicit public opinions on the four group standards including fresh eggs to ensure that you can eat safe eggs

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