PTA of the hottest LUZHENG futures rebounded sharp

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LUZHENG Futures: the market is still not optimistic after PTA's sharp rebound

therefore, it is necessary to interrupt the verification of the test speed

I. market description

on August 12 (Monday), after continuous decline, the main PTA contract 0809 rebounded sharply today and opened at the daily lowest price of 8844 yuan/ton. After that, it rose all the way. After a slight adjustment in the afternoon, it continued to rise, with a daily maximum of 9006 yuan/ton, and finally closed at 9004 yuan/ton, Compared with the previous trading day, it increased by 152 yuan/ton, and stood at the integer level of 9000 yuan again. The trading volume was 73936 hands, a decrease of more than 36000 hands compared with the previous trading day, and the position increased by 6222 hands to 130800 hands. From the disk view, although the bulls have the intention of closing positions, there are still variables in the later success

put forward the effect of BPA on the fetus

II. Analysis of market causes

pta upstream market is still weak. The overnight price of US crude oil contract in September fell by $1.44, the futures price continues to seek support downward, and naphtha prices also fell; The spot price of PX in Asia fell by 5 dollars/ton compared with that on the 11th, to USD/ton FOB Korea, and the spot price of CFR China's main port fell by 10 dollars/ton compared with that on the 11th; The supporting effect on PTA cost is gradually lost

in the downstream market, the semi gloss chip market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is in the doldrums, the polyester filament Market in Zhejiang is in a downward trend as a whole, the price of polyester staple fiber has fallen for three consecutive days, and the price of medium fiber has fallen by 30 yuan to 11420 yuan/ton compared with yesterday. The downstream cotton mills have weakened their purchasing efforts due to losses and restrictions, resulting in increased inventory pressure on some polyester manufacturers. PTA manufacturers take measures to limit production and protect prices, but the downstream market demand is weak, so there will be no shortage of supply for the time being, and the requirements for plastic technology will be more stringent

pta spot fell for 5 consecutive days, and the price index of medium fiber on that day showed 8600 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton compared with that on the 11th; In terms of industry dynamics, Yadong Petrochemical stopped for maintenance at the end of July, and the 600000 ton PTA plant has been restarted recently

on the whole, PTA fundamentals have not been greatly improved, the upstream and downstream markets are weak, and there is certain pressure on PTA futures price rise

technically, the main contract 0809 is still in the downward channel, and the futures price is under pressure

below the 5-day moving average, so there is a certain pressure to break through upward, as shown in the figure below:

III. It is judged that the contract of

0809 is close to delivery in the future market, so retail investors are advised not to participate; 0811 short contract days, profit from multiple orders in the early stage → gb/t21839 (2) 008 steel for prestressed concrete test methods; → ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 test methods for steel for prestressed concrete and steel for prestressed concrete Part 3: Steel for prestressed concrete English Version (ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 field

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