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Crisis public relations: finding out the truth is a wise move

some manufacturers did not find out the truth at the first time when they were disturbed by abnormal competition, which became a permanent regret

the CPU incident of purple light notebook

background: July, 2001, The marketing department of several famous brand manufacturers in China received a call from a class of media: "do you use desktop CPU or notebook CPU for your laptop?" When the marketing department asks the notebook production and sales department, they usually say: "the wind is very tight, can't answer!"

the cause of the incident came from a post at a certain station. The description of the content was: the consumer Mr. Zhou bought a Ziguang 6110 notebook computer. It didn't take a few days to find that the computer was hot soon after it was turned on, and there were often unexplained crashes. Sometimes the LCD suddenly turned white, and there were frequent failures. So Mr. Zhou took the machine for maintenance. During the maintenance period, Ziguang provided Mr. Zhou with a spare machine. Unexpectedly, the spare machine also had similar problems

Mr. Zhou, who is a master of computer science, took apart the electricity to meet the needs of China's textile fiber market. He was very surprised to see that the desktop CPU was used in the Ziguang notebook computer instead of the dedicated CPU for the notebook computer. Mr. Zhou negotiated with Ziguang for several times, and finally replaced a new model of laptop computer. The crash and other phenomena still continued, and the computer's horn broke after several days of use. From this, Mr. Zhou judged that the frequent failures of notebook computers were caused by the use of desktop CPU, and the reason why unisplent adopted desktop CPU was that there was a big price gap between notebook CPU and it

Mr. Zhou wrote a letter to relevant media in the form of e-mail. A station immediately reported on the matter, and then the Beijing Evening News, which has a great impact on ordinary consumers, reported on the matter for three consecutive issues. Other media have also started to report on the matter. For a time, the words "fraud", "heart change" and "gray screen" filled all kinds of media

in fact, Ziguang was quite aggrieved in this matter, because Ziguang was not the only one using desktop CPUs at that time, and most manufacturers used desktop CPUs for some low-end products. The biggest reflection of consumers is whether the quality and performance of notebook computers with desktop CPU can be guaranteed, and whether notebook computer manufacturers are cheating consumers. The sound drowned out the meaning purple light wanted to express, and could not say anything clearly

case analysis: people in the industry generally speculate that this is a typical event that uses accidents to bring down competitors. At that time, Ziguang ranked first in the sales of notebook computers in China. This event became a turning point of the decline in market share and an important event of brand damage, and the whole process resolution remained unchanged. Some manufacturers who failed to defeat Ziguang in sales dragged Ziguang down with the help of laymen and media

among the number of users who buy and use notebooks, the layman is more than the expert. Before that, no one cared about the difference between the "core" of desktop computers and the "core" of notebooks. However, under the "guidance" of the media, they seemed to understand the mystery overnight, and Ziguang became the pronoun of the crime of "cheating consumers" and the victim of this boisterous "CPU incident"

the slow heat and slow reaction of purple light became the main reason for the diffusion of this event. If we organize a series of counterattacks in the fastest time, admit the established facts, and organize forces to interpret the current abnormality in the shortest time, perhaps the sales decline is not as obvious as at that time

Snow Beer PK Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce

Event Background: Chongqing local media released that since June 2006, after receiving successive reports, Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce investigated the Chongqing Office of China Resources Guang'an company and found that it had signed a special agreement with restaurants to sell Snow Series beer, which agreed to pay the seller entrance fee, bottle opening fee, cash or items, Obtain the sole promotion right and special sales right, and the amount of admission fee is linked to the sales volume of the seller

I saw an agreement signed between China Resources Guang'an company and Junkang villa in Qijiang County, in which it was agreed that Chongqing Branch of China Resources Guang'an company would provide Junkang villa with 800 yuan for store entry and special promotion from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006, including 4800 yuan for the whole year, 4000 yuan for Qijiang dealers, and 800 yuan for the company. It also stipulates that "the sale of other beers is strictly prohibited"

according to the survey, Cr Guang'an has signed similar entry agreements with more than 3000 restaurants through more than 50 first-class wholesalers in Chongqing. From January, 2005 to June, 2006, Cr Guang'an company paid various "promotion fees" of more than 3.8 million yuan to end sellers in Chongqing, and sold more than 5 million pieces of "Snow" series beer, amounting to more than 100million yuan

after receiving the information about the investigation, China Resources immediately issued a statement of query on Sina to the effect that: first, it believed that Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce had no right to detain or seal up beer; Second, the marketing means of Cr Guang'an company are very common in Chongqing market, and Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce defines normal marketing behavior as commercial bribery; Third, Chongqing beer company, a local enterprise in Chongqing, has the same behavior. Chongqing Administration for Industry and commerce only investigates foreign enterprises, which is the practice of local protection in the name of commercial bribery investigation. It is hoped that "Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce will immediately stop and correct the wrong behavior"

case analysis: first of all, in this incident, the snow beer temporarily withheld by Chongqing Administration for Industry and commerce was transported and stored by the district and County sugar and wine companies, which were the dealers of Chongqing heavy beer group. Therefore, it was suggested that the shadow of the heavy beer group, a competitor of snowflake beer, was seen in the case of snowflake suspected of commercial bribery

there is a huge beer market in Sichuan and Chongqing. Beer manufacturers in the two places have always been fiercely competitive in sales. This time, the beer produced in Sichuan has been investigated and punished for its functions such as inquiry. It is Chongqing's campaign to encircle and suppress the "snowflake" and "blue sword" series of beer

secondly, not all rebates are commercial bribes

legally, not all rebates, commissions and discounts constitute commercial bribery. When a business operator sells or purchases goods, he may give discounts and rebates to the other party in an explicit manner, or give commissions to intermediaries. As long as these discounts and commissions given by the business operator to the other party are truthfully recorded, they should not constitute commercial bribery

inference reference

when being "attacked" by the media or competitors, the truth can be revealed if we can not only obtain favorable evidence from the competent authority (or can clearly reveal that there is no problem with its quality) or the execution agency deviates seriously from a certain economic phenomenon, but also analyze that it is the competitor (or analyze that one of the parties deliberately acts out of narrow economic interests)

if a printer manufacturer gets a test from a research institute affiliated to the Ministry of information industry, which proves that the quality is flawless, and there is conclusive information that the competitor did it, it can "publish" a long report to reveal the truth of the incident. The fact was announced to the public that it was suggested to use automatic water dispensers, which improved the brand influence of the enterprise and kept the domestic market share

to implement the principle of finding out the truth, neither of the above two basic conditions is indispensable

the deep-seated reason for this is that the truth is used to overwhelm the popular voice and to deal with a phenomenon. That is the theoretical hypothesis of describing the formation of public opinion put forward by Neumann, a German female communication scientist, in the 1970s - "the spiral of silence". If we are silent until the popular views have the upper hand and miss the best opportunity, it will be too late to fight back

for a controversial issue, people will form an understanding of the "opinion climate" around them, and judge whether their opinions belong to the "majority opinion". When people feel that their opinions belong to the "majority" or are in the "advantage", they tend to express such opinions boldly; After several repetitions, the "dominant" opinion becomes stronger and stronger, while the voice of the "inferior" opinion becomes weaker and weaker. This cycle has formed a "spiral process in which one party is more and more vocal, while the other is more and more silent"

there are many such examples in reality. Once an opinion becomes dominant and dominant, its voice will prevail as soon as it is issued. Gradually, the voices of those who hold different views on their reports gradually become weaker and weaker, which leads to the information that the public has learned tends to be one-sided and even difficult to reverse

(the author is the director of the risk and Crisis Management Research Office of the talent research center of Peking University) (end)

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