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Golden Spike Futures: PTA morning comment 0807

Fundamentals: the rise of the US dollar depresses the oil price. Tomorrow, the United States will release the July non farm employment report, which will guide the crude oil market. Overnight, the price of PX outside the market stabilized. PX in Asia basically stabilized at USD/T FOB in South Korea, and PX in Europe stabilized at USD/T FOB in Rotterdam. The PTA spot market continued to rise overnight. The seller's offer price in the domestic material market was around 8300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market was between yuan/ton, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. The external market remained firm. The hardness of hr15t was tested at 99 for general cargo, and the market negotiation price was at USD/ton. There were many downstream inquiries, and the market trading was acceptable. The domestic polyester chip market is still strong, the overall transaction atmosphere has increased, and the quotation continues to rise. When the half difference of polyester chip in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is beyond ± 2, the hardness tester must be revised and repaired or other hardness testing methods must be used to determine the optical chip cash or the acceptance price in March is about yuan/ton. The overall fundamentals are still good. The upstream prices are still basically stable at a high position, and the downstream prices continue to rise

technical aspect: PTA main force 0909 continued to maintain the narrow consolidation pattern yesterday. In the morning, the market was in the form of narrow horizontal fluctuation. In the afternoon, it rose rapidly, fell back at the end of the day, closed the cross star line, the focus of the futures price moved down slightly, the volume of market transactions was reduced, and the positions were reduced. 0910 contract for main position shifting

operation suggestions: it is expected that today's intraday direction will fluctuate upward, cautiously chasing the rise. The original multiple light positions will be held, and the final exit point will be 8200

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