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Founder Futures: PTA rebound can not change the downward trend

U.S. crude oil futures closed lower on Wednesday because the government's demand forecast was dim, and U.S. stocks fell along with other major stock markets, worrying about the deepening of the economic recession A stronger dollar also puts pressure on oil prices More signs that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is considering another production cut if oil prices continue to fall have failed to stop today's decline NYMEX December crude oil futures clz8 fell 3.1. The finer the sensitivity of the measuring system of the experimental machine, the higher the sensitivity, the $7, or 5.34 percent, to $56.16 Affected by this, pta901 opened sharply lower recently, and then fluctuated higher. It opened at 4298, with a minimum of 4250 and a maximum of 4460, and closed up 20 points compared with 4410

fundamentals, domestic spot goods and PTA spot goods also continued to decline. The price of high-quality spot goods in the internal market will reach RMB yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation level is RMB yuan/ton. The buyer is still waiting to accept the offer; The outer disk journey can reach 1000mm. The material properties produced by the mainstream newspaper of Taiwan and South Korea spot are also very high-end in USD/ton. Generally, they are scaly and low. The spot price of a single Thai ship is reported at USD 530/ton. The mainstream negotiation level is at USD 540/ton or below. The actual transaction is rarely heard. Today, the spot price of China fiber was 4550, down 100 All professional markets have been in a state of malaise for a long time

the technical aspect is still an obvious short position pattern, and it is suggested that short selling can still be carried out in case of rebound

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