PTA of the hottest Shenyin Wanguo futures may cont

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Shenyin Wanguo Futures: PTA may continue to adjust

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yesterday, PTA fluctuated in a wide range after opening slightly higher, with active intraday trading and significantly reduced positions, closing at 4568. The number of warehouse receipts decreased significantly. 5. our company implements "Three Guarantees for quality"

nymex December light and low sulfur crude oil futures settlement price fell by US $0.56 to US $54.39 per barrel, down 1%


pta has stabilized recently with the gradual calm of the market after a sharp decline in the early stage. At present, it seems that both the rise and fall still need a sufficient range of sample sections to characterize the characteristics of the structure, and there is a lack of space. It may trade time for space and gradually enter the stage of consolidation and shock

[outlook] 3 New record: create a new record

the overnight crude oil decline continued to decline, and there was no substantial positive support in the downstream. Today's PTA trend may remain volatile, so we can consider wait-and-see or intra day short-term

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