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With the rapid development of China's packaging industry, packaging products have become a very important part of China's industrial products. There are many kinds of packaging products, mainly including paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and packaging machinery. Among the numerous packaging product manufacturing enterprises in China, the enterprises put product marketing in an important leading position, because it is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. Due to the fierce market competition, some enterprises are often at a disadvantage in marketing; Some enterprises are flat; While some enterprises have made remarkable achievements in marketing, and the enterprises have developed rapidly. There are both subjective and objective reasons for this. In the past, China was under the planned economy system for a long time. Some enterprises were used to producing according to the instructions of the superior, and the products were all sold by the state. Therefore, there was no marketing, resulting in weak marketing ideas

on the other hand, the products are old and aging. The enterprise does not want to make progress and does not improve and replace the old products. Once the market changes sharply, the products can not keep up with the situation and do not pay attention to marketing means. A large number of products are overstocked, causing the enterprise to be in a passive state; There is also a kind of product produced by an enterprise that is still a best-selling product in the market in the short term. Enterprises often feel satisfied when they see this situation and do not consider long-term marketing. Therefore, overnight, many enterprises will produce the same product to compete with you. You are likely to lose the battle. At that time, they will feel a sense of crisis and review why their enterprises have not done a good job in marketing follow-up work and lack the idea of being prepared for danger in times of peace. On the one hand, the enterprises with good benefits have the right products. On the other hand, they attach great importance to marketing, so that they can remain invincible. One of the most important means in marketing is public relations

when it comes to public relations, in today's society, people are often prone to associate those deplorable unhealthy tendencies in the society, such as eating, drinking, playing, entertaining and giving gifts, and bribery, which is a misinterpretation of public relations in normal marketing and a confusion of low-level vulgar relations. There is nothing in common between the two. After China's entry into WTO, the marketing concept should have a big change to adapt to the rules of the international marketing game, broaden marketing ideas, establish a normal and healthy relationship marketing concept, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Frank sonieberg, a famous economist, believes that public relations is a very important strategic means in marketing. Relationship marketing is based on the cooperative and interactive relationship with consumers, and puts forward specific guidelines for close cooperation, which greatly helps and promotes the marketing of packaging products. There are the following aspects:

first, be honest and trustworthy. It is the most important principle cornerstone in relationship marketing. It not only has the sense of the times, but also takes this as the basis to win the trust of consumers (users). We still remember that before the Mid Autumn Festival last year, the media exposed the scandal of Guansheng garden in Nanjing using old stuffing, which made people doubt the overall reputation of the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake quality. As a result, the national moon cake sales dropped by about 20% last year, which had a huge negative impact on the entire industry. The consequences were self destruction of their own "family", the closure of enterprises, and the loss of people's trust in them. Whether there are these problems in our packaging enterprises? For example, some carton manufacturing enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefits. Seeing the immediate interests, they have used inferior paper to replace imported paper, cutting corners and shoddy goods. As a result, a large number of commodities have been lost due to the poor quality of cartons, losing the trust of users and destroying the integrity of the enterprises. On the contrary, some enterprises regard quality as the life of the enterprise and are highly responsible for the users. They find some small problems that do not affect the quality in the production process. When the users are also unable to know, they take the initiative to tell the users, negotiate and solve them, and get the understanding of the users. This kind of sincere treatment undoubtedly gives users a sense of good will and trust. Therefore, users will become their preferred enterprise when choosing a production enterprise in the future. Because of good faith, it brings infinite business opportunities to enterprises

II. Mutual respect, harmony and humanity. There is an equal relationship between any production enterprise and consumers (users). In order to improve the quality of production and service, enterprises often put users in the position of "God", which is actually a concrete manifestation of respect for users. When enterprises know that the products they produce are only recognized and accepted by the majority of users, it is a manifestation of respect for the enterprise

III. coexistence and common prosperity, and both sides will gain success and benefits from the cooperative relationship. A large province rich in Moso bamboo, a large number of fresh, tender and delicious spring bamboo shoots are exported to Japan and other countries and regions every spring after processing and boiling, which are welcomed by the people there. However, the 18 kg empty metal cans for export packaging can not be solved, and can only be imported from Japan, which brings great inconvenience to foreign trade and export. Later, the foreign trade department and a tin printing factory cooperated to introduce an 18 kg can making production line, The packaging problem of exporting "boiled bamboo shoots" every year has been completely solved, which has brought great economic benefits to the foreign trade export and the tin printing can factory. Now the annual export of "boiled bamboo shoots" is increasing, and the can making capacity of the can factory is also booming. It provides a large number of high-quality 18 kg empty cans to foreign trade, which is a good example of cooperation

IV. clear objectives should be set before establishing cooperative relations. This guideline is actually put forward from the perspective of long-term strategy. If an enterprise does not have a long-term development goal, but only sees the immediate interests, sticks to the old rules, it will certainly have no development prospects, and will eventually be eliminated by the society. Therefore, only with a clear goal can it have the development power of the enterprise and encourage the enterprise to forge ahead. A cigarette packaging printing factory was a small unknown enterprise for measuring the extensibility of materials more than ten years ago, but after more than ten years of building, it has become the pacesetter in the printing industry in the province. The development of the enterprise not only depends on the decision-making of the enterprise leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, but also because the printing enterprise has a very clear development goal to create a first-class enterprise before cooperating with the cigarette factory. It seems that the printing of cigarette packs is very simple, and it is not difficult to print, but it is very difficult to print to a higher level. Therefore, general printing enterprises have certain difficulties in printing cigarette packs, especially the current cigarette pack printing quality requirements are very high, and it is difficult to meet this requirement without certain advanced equipment. Therefore, this printing enterprise takes continuous technical transformation and improving product grade as its development goal, and introduces a number of foreign most advanced printing students. 6. The optical parts of instruments are produced when not in use to meet the needs of cigarette package manufacturers. The cigarette package printing quality has reached a high level, the added value of cigarettes has been increased, and the cigarette sales have increased sharply, further promoting the development of printing enterprises. Both the cigarette factory and the printing enterprise have achieved great economic benefits

v. deeply understand each other's cultural background, and know each other well. This rule seems to have little internal relationship with relationship marketing, but it is a very important issue. Shaoxing Huadiao wine enjoys a high reputation in China and even abroad. It has a unique cultural connotation and is closely linked with today's wine culture. Shaoxing is a big cultural city with a long history, a large number of celebrities and rich tourism resources. Therefore, Shaoxing's commodity packaging reflects the characteristics of Shaoxing. In commemoration of Mr. Lu Xun's 120th birthday, "Lu Xun wine" was introduced. The wine packaging is made of pottery. The whole wine bottle is like the same bronze statue of Mr. Lu Xun. It is simple and solemn, with the words "in memory of Lu Xun" on the front, The profile is Lu Xun's famous two lines of poetry and spiritual portrayal of "frowning coldly at the criticism of thousands of people, bowing to be willing to be a child and an ox". This package has won the favor of consumers. (to be continued)

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