Mc1000 series motion controller released by Hollys

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Hollysys released mc1000 series motion controllers

Hollysys group, as a national high-tech enterprise group engaged in the independent design and manufacturing of automatic control system platforms and providing industry solutions, has always adhered to the development principle of continuous innovation, improved the construction of innovation carriers, and worked hard to improve the ability of independent innovation. Its product technology fully owns independent intellectual property rights

as a national high-tech enterprise group engaged in the independent design and manufacturing of automatic control system platforms and providing industry solutions, Hollysys group has always adhered to the development principle of continuous innovation, improved the construction of innovation carriers, and worked hard to improve the ability of independent innovation. Its products and technologies fully own independent intellectual property rights. The "Hollysys" brand created by Hollysys has become a well-known and leading brand in the automation industry

in order to meet the diversified needs of the global market and customers, create more value for customers, develop together with customers, and constantly innovate and improve Hollysys, after years of market practice, combined with advanced control technology at home and abroad, a set of high-performance and multi-functional mc1000 series motion controller was developed and officially launched in August. Mc1000 series motion controller has advanced 8-axis closed-loop servo control/open-loop pulse control, high-speed pulse capture, high-speed pulse output and other powerful functions. It adopts the internationally leading 64 bit double precision floating-point number for operation to achieve high-precision control operation. The dual core arm cortex-a9 CPU and 667m main frequency processor make the operation speed faster and ensure the benchmark control of each axis. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of customers, ensure the stability of product quality, enhance their competitiveness, and enable customers to reduce the cost of the whole production process. Hollysys has high expectations for mc1000 series products. In today's manufacturing industry, which is increasingly pursuing machining accuracy and efficiency, it is expected that this new motion control product can be widely recognized by customers in the global market

The successful launch of mc1000 series motion controller can not only enrich and expand Hollysys MC series product family, but also add a dazzling new star to the field of motion control

functions include:

● advanced 8-axis closed-loop servo control/open-loop pulse control

8 axes can be arbitrarily configured as closed-loop servo or open-loop pulse control, and can be connected with standard servo and stepping driver of any manufacturer; Advanced closed-loop control algorithm can make the machine get better performance

● straight line, arc, spiral and spherical arc interpolation

contains 64 axis control capability, which can realize 64 axis linear interpolation, straight line and arc interpolation of any two axes, spiral interpolation of any three axes, and spatial spherical interpolation of any three axes at most; At the same time, it provides the "merge" linkage function, which can carry out forward-looking operations. There is a maximum 64 level cache for forward-looking operations

● flexible cam trajectory, electronic gear linkage motion, multi axis superposition motion

users can customize various cam curves to meet various application needs; The electronic gear linkage function allows dynamic change of the connection ratio, and the changed linkage ratio takes effect in real time; Support the motion superposition function, and you can set different connection ratios to superimpose the motion of the two axes respectively

● EnDat, SSI and Tamagawa absolute value encoder input interface

● high speed pulse capture function. For applications in the packaging and printing industry,

high speed color code capture function is a kind of commonly used applications in the packaging and printing industry; The high-speed algorithm solidified in FPGA can ensure the ns level color code capture ability and ensure high-precision alignment and correction during the high-speed operation of the machine

● high speed pulse output function, facing high-speed camera and laser control

in the electronic processing industry, with high-speed camera and high-speed laser, high-precision in place output function can be realized; For example, in the processing of high-definition LED screen, the motor can be driven to run at a high speed of 4 meters/second. On a linear segment of 2 meters long, 20000 dot arrays with the same aperture and spacing can be dynamically and continuously played

● built in Ethernet interface for programming and Modbus TCP protocol communication

● servo cycle microsecond Control Engineering China, all rights reserved, configurable

controller servo control cycle defaults to 1ms, and 1ms servo control cycle can be achieved within 16 axes; Servo cycle can be configured

● high precision 64 bit motion solution, dual core armcortex-a9 CPU, 667m dominant frequency

the controller adopts arm cortex-a9 CPU, 667m dominant frequency; The operation adopts 64 bit double precision floating-point numbers, so the flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need to ensure the operation accuracy

● IEC programming

adopts the programming specification in line with IEC, and supports LD, St, FBD programming languages

● support multitask programming

users can program in multitask mode; The system can support up to 8 tasks running at the same time

● built in micro SD card slot; It contains a file operating system, which supports reading and writing of various files

the system supports micro SD cards, and users can read and write files in SD cards or flash through file operations; With this mode of operation, users can parse and execute all kinds of secondary processing files. The maximum support is 32GB

● hlink dynamic link library is convenient for third-party

software monitoring connection, file download and upload

hlink dynamic link library is a software interface provided for third-party development tools, and provides memory access

and the function of transferring SD card files

exactly echoes China's' one belt and one way 'initiative

● embedded OLED LCD screen, all information is clear at a glance

the controller panel is installed with OLED display screen control engineering China, all rights reserved, providing controller IP address, IO input and output information, CPU temperature and various controller status displays

● compilation execution mechanism, high speed, high efficiency and high precision

is different from the interpretation execution mechanism of most motion controllers, and Hollysys MC system controller adopts an efficient compilation execution mechanism; After the user program is compiled, it is first compiled into the binary code executed by the machine kernel, and then downloaded and executed; The execution efficiency of user program is more than 10 times that of other similar controllers

● dynamically change the command parameters (speed, acceleration and deceleration, PID, etc.)

the system operation adopts the control

model with the "axis" as the object. Various parameters of the axis are independent of the motion command. In the process of operation, various axis parameters can be dynamically changed, such as:

speed, acceleration, PID, etc

● form a multi machine interconnection network with Le series PLC

mc controller has the same communication protocol as Le series PLC. It can be seamlessly connected with Le series PLC by simply setting the station number without programming, so as to realize the remote IO function, so as to realize the network control scheme for complex production lines

● perfect intellectual property protection function

mc controller has perfect intellectual property protection function, and the user's compiled binary code can only be downloaded, not uploaded; At the same time, MC controller also has the function of controller locking; The subsequent plan will develop the encryption function based on the unique ID of MC controller, so that each MC controller can be encrypted independently

mc1000 series motion controller can be widely used in cutting equipment: such as laser cutting, water cutting, flame, and turning the dial pointer to the strike energy scale for cutting, plasma cutting, etc; Industrial robots: such as welding, spraying, handling, assembly, etc; Metallurgical processing equipment: such as flying shears, chasing shears, straightening and exhibition; Engraving and milling equipment: such as engraving machine, engraving and milling machine, etc; Dispensing equipment; Extrusion equipment; Wire drawing equipment; Other machining centers, CNC machine tools, automatic production lines, etc. that require high speed and high precision

the launch of mc1000 series motion controller will greatly strengthen the reputation of Hollysys group in the OEM market, improve the image of the enterprise, and also greatly strengthen the domestic motion con. This is because: 1) troller's market share control engineering copyright is owned, which can be said to be a happy thing for the automation industry, end users, and Hollysys itself. The birth of mc1000 series products has further promoted the hard work spirit of Hollysys people, taken a step closer in the increasingly competitive automation market, and contributed the sweat and wisdom of Hollysys people to China's automation industry

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