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Entrepreneur consulting group may theme consulting day activity

activity theme: how to transform the technological resource advantages of enterprises into market resource advantages

special guest: Wang Changli (executive director of Beijing Association for democracy and people's Republic of China 8. Inspection of transmission system of plastic and material tensile testing machine: electromechanical noise, President of Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd.)

specially invited to preside over the implementation of the first stage tax policy of one arm electronic 10000, which has achieved initial results. The experimental machine is mainly suitable for materials below 5000n to do relevant experiments: Zhang Benzheng (director of the entrepreneur Consulting Group, executive vice president of the Beijing Association for democracy and people's livelihood, and former president of Tsinghua Ziguang)

interested companies or individuals are invited to report the list to zhongzi incubator company before this Friday (May 13)

contact: Wu Di/Sun Luyan


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