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Oil measurement: see Trisonic ™ How to activate triple dynamic performance

engine oil measurement: see Trisonic ™ How to activate triple dynamic performance

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Chejia account number: Li Ma Xiaobao driving age: more than ten years car age: more than three years

test product: Trisonic ™ Ultimach gold all synthetic engine oil

viscosity: 5w-40

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trial experience

noise test: "It mainly includes the comparison of the noise inside and outside the car. Compared with before the replacement, it has been greatly improved, and the car body has no shaking. Before, the noise was loud, and the engine shook. I thought it was the problem of the car and driving, but it was the problem of oil.

Longpan Trisonic ™ Imported synthetic engine oil adopts new technology. The principle of this technology is to form a protective film on the metal surface of the cylinder to reduce wear and knocking sound, so as to effectively reduce the engine noise. It feels much quieter when driving, and there is almost no sound of idling. In addition, the noise problem inside and outside the car has been greatly improved, and the car body has no shaking. "

cold start effect: "Longpan Trisonic ™ The viscosity of imported synthetic engine oil has several grades, such as 5W-30 and 5W-40. The sample clamping length is short. The viscosity of this model I use is 5W-40. The feeling of use is that it has obvious effect during cold start, it is very powerful when stepping on the accelerator, and the acceleration is also faster. "

power effect: "when driving on the road test, the idle speed is stable without shaking, and the starting is stable. When starting on the ramp, the power is strong, and the acceleration process is also very smooth and linear."

trial process

appearance feeling

the simple packaging is a little different from the oil packaging I have seen before. The black bottle body is pasted with a yellow surrounding label, which is particularly conspicuous. SAE 5W-40 oil model is marked in black font in the middle, so that users can see it at a glance. Trisonic above ™ Is his brand logo

the yellow bottle cap has small teeth for bottle opening, and the design is small but very considerate

meet API sn/cf and aceaa3/b4 performance standards. With China's plastic machinery enterprises, the plastic industry universal process? In recent years, the forerunners of blow molding machine technology have increased their efforts to open up the emerging market of extruders. Gasoline engines are suitable for diesel engines of passenger cars

4l package has handles on the top and side, which is convenient

it's easy to hold

there are scale marks on the side of the packaging barrel

maintenance process

enter the maintenance station and start maintenance immediately

the master first opens the engine compartment and blows away the floating dust in the engine compartment with an air pipe, and then officially starts the maintenance procedure

long pan Trisonic ™ Take out the imported synthetic engine oil and put it on the booth

production date: July 25th, 2019

Longpan Trisonic ™ Imported fully synthetic engine oil 5W-40 has a darker and brighter color, is crystal clear as a whole, and has excellent fluidity. It has no other smell except the faint smell of aromatic hydrocarbons

A barrel of

4l has been added to the engine, and a barrel of 1l continues to be added to the

two bottles. After pouring in, the technician brother checks the dipstick again to see whether the oil capacity in the engine is normal. After confirmation, the next step is to clean the engine surface, then install the engine decorative cover, close the engine cover, and the whole oil change process is over

evaluation summary

overall evaluation: ★★★★★

Recommendation Index: ★★★ ★

1. Longpan Trisonic ™ Imported synthetic engine oil, fast delivery speed and intact packaging; Exquisite packaging and exquisite materials

2. The engine oil is imported fully synthetic and belongs to high-grade lubricating oil. It has unique organic film protection technology and nine cutting-edge performance advantages. It can bring excellent lubrication protection to the engine and give me a great driving experience

3. The price is medium. It is the main product of Longpan line, with high cost performance

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