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Shanghai international intelligent building exhibition closed successfully

Frankfurt exhibition, the 2012 Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition, which was held for the first time, successfully concluded, and was widely praised by participants and supporting units. The exhibition, jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and Shanghai Sequoia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., was grandly held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 20 to 22, 2012. The exhibition welcomed 92 exhibitors and 7883 visitors from 30 countries and regions, 97% of whom were domestic visitors and 3% from overseas. The exhibition area was 6000 square meters. Overseas exhibitors come from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States

this exhibition aims at the growing demand for building automation, smart home, generic cabling and security access control in Shanghai and East China markets. In line with the needs of market development, the scale of the exhibition is growing day by day. With the participation of Frankfurt exhibition, the professionalism and internationality of the exhibition are greatly improved

Mr. Li Qingxin, deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said, "considering the huge development potential of China's intelligent building, we joined as one of the organizers of Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition this year. This exhibition has a certain influence in East China. I believe that with our experience in organizing the exhibition, the exhibition will gain a higher recognition in China's intelligent building industry."

exhibitor Tongzheng the rapid development of intelligent building market in East China

gilai gilsiben Co., Ltd. of Germany, which participated for the first time, has a history of 107 years and is committed to the technological development of low-voltage electrical appliances, Miss Wang Yueting, marketing specialist of the company's Shanghai Representative Office, said, "the exhibition has a good effect, with a large number of professional visitors, of which% are our target audiences, mainly system integrators and developers. The smart home market in East China is a very worthwhile area to develop."

teletask, a well-known manufacturer of smart home systems in Belgium, participated in the exhibition through China's general agent delitaihe Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Miss Zhang Jingjing, deputy general manager, said, "after joining Frankfurt exhibition, it has done better than before. In the past, there were no overseas exhibitors. This year, there are more imported brands, and the organizer's recruitment work is quite good. The effect of the exhibition is very good, far beyond expectations. We met many system integrators, engineers and product agents, who are our target customers. We will participate again next year."

Mr. Wang Jiejun, business development manager of simocon automation equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., also pointed out, "we have participated in this exhibition for several times. We feel that the level of the whole exhibition this year has been improved, the scale has been expanded, and the exhibition hall is also more modern, which makes people feel refreshing, and the exhibition results are very good."

the German enerson alliance, composed of world-renowned construction enterprises, is committed to promoting the development of wireless passive green intelligent building control systems. It is not only an exhibitor in this exhibition, but also the keynote speaker of the international intelligent building standard technology forum. Mr. Graham Martin, chairman and CEO of the alliance, said: "This exhibition is very excellent. On the first day, 500 visitors have come to our booth, and all the introduction materials are shining. The Chinese government and many citizens are more and more aware of energy conservation. At first, intelligent buildings were mostly used in government and commercial buildings, and now they have begun to popularize the highest end intelligent home. We chose to participate in this exhibition because professional visitors in the industry are really interested in building automation systems, and we received hundreds of them To become our member. "

the main purpose of Shenzhen Kedao intelligent products Co., Ltd. is to promote all wireless smart home products, hoping to find domestic agents. Mr. wengjie, industry sales director, said, "there are many high-quality professional buyers this time. Some have reached preliminary cooperation intentions and want to represent our products. This exhibition is very helpful to our business."

visitors praised the quality of exhibitors and the same period activities

many industry visitors, including system integrators, engineers, property developers and management agencies, were very satisfied with this exhibition. With the clear division of labor and the surge in demand for intelligent buildings in the Chinese market, Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition has become an industry event that buyers can not miss when the district eventually develops good materials that are technologically leading and fully meet the needs of customers. Mr. Wang Yu, regional manager of Tianlong (Wuxi) IOT Information Technology Co., Ltd., said, "this exhibition is a good platform to promote mutual exchanges. I come to watch new technologies and products. Recently, people have been talking about IOT. The smart home market has great potential. This industry is in a growth period and has a bright future. This exhibition helps me to deepen my understanding of the market."

Changxing Xinchuang Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a system integrator engaged in smart home. Mr. Hu Duohui, the sales manager of Hangzhou Office, visited the exhibition for the first time, hoping to find partners, He said, "this exhibition helps to strengthen people's interest in smart home and plays a great role in promoting the development of smart home. At present, many people still don't know much about the specific applications of smart building industry. Geographically, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in East China are developing well, and I will come again next year."

Mr. Zhang Jitao, general manager of Shandong xinchengxin electronic technology, also visited the exhibition for the first time. The company is engaged in weak current, generic cabling and home automation. He said, "our company has given a lot of technical solutions. On this trip, we hope to understand the latest products and trends in the industry. As a result, we see a lot of new things, and find an intelligent lighting control product from a Taiwan company, which can be recommended to customers in combination with solutions."

as for the conference activities, the organizer arranged 12 professional seminars and forums, covering hot topics from the development of international intelligent building standards to the importance of intelligent building design. Mr. wenshaoyin, the Asia Pacific Sales Manager of control4 company in the United States, the keynote speaker of "intelligent integrated design of video and entertainment", said, "in addition to promoting our company and products as a speaker, we also hope to contact our counterparts in China and get to know and exchange more. We want to bring our products to the Chinese market. This exhibition is a very good platform and opportunity."

Mr. liugaoyang, an electrical engineer of Guodian XJ Group Industrial Company, attended the KNX technology seminar to listen to the development of intelligent networks. The company is the energy management department of the group, responsible for the energy management of central air conditioning, substation, power supply room, etc. in the plant, He said, "the topic of the lecture is very consistent with the work I am responsible for. I will take back the information I heard in the forum and inform the company. The latest information and technology obtained this time will be used in our future engineering construction."

Mr. zhuzhijian, executive vice president of the Shenzhen Office of Hunan Linyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., attended the IOT and smart home industry summit forum, He said that he benefited a lot from it: "the explanations of several professors and experts have solved many of our practical problems. The IOT application technology mentioned in it hopes to be applied to our project. The technology of smart home can bring a more comfortable and convenient life mode to the community, such as long-distance shopping, intelligent remote control of household appliances, etc."

this exhibition is a member of the "light + building Frankfurt International Lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition" under Messe Frankfurt, which is held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt exhibition's Building Technology Exhibition Series in China includes:

Beijing International Building Electrical and energy saving technology exhibition

April 8, 10, 2013

Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology Exhibition

June 9, 12, 2013

Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition

September 25, 27, 2013

the next Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. For more information about the exhibition, please log in to the station or email building@ to contact the organizer

brief introduction of Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is a famous exhibition organizer in Germany, with a turnover of 467.5 million euros in 2011 and employing more than 1725 employees around the world. The group has 28 subsidiaries, 5 offices and 50 international sales partners around the world, covering more than 150 countries and regions. In 2011, Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd. held more than 100 exhibitions in more than 30 cities around the world, more than half of which were outside Germany. The exhibition area of Frankfurt exhibition center is 578000 square meters. At present, there are 10 exhibition halls. The consumption demand of lithium battery cathode materials for lithium carbonate is not large, and there is one conference center, which is controlled by Frankfurt City and Hesse state, with 60% and 40% respectively. For further information about the company, please visit the page:

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