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Shanghai Huajian concrete mixer truck won the appearance quality award

Shanghai Huajian concrete mixer truck won the appearance quality award

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Guide: BICES 2009 Shanghai Huajian booth concrete mixer truck golden autumn season, in the national celebration of the 60th anniversary of new China, The engineering machine laboratory machine is widely used, and the machinery industry has ushered in the 10th Beijing International Engineering Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (bices2009). On November 3 and 6, 2009, this grand event

BICES 2009 Shanghai Huajian booth concrete mixer truck

in the golden autumn, in the national celebration of the 60th anniversary of new China, the construction machinery industry ushered in the 10th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition Technology Exchange (bices2009) event. From November 3 to 6, 2009, the grand event was held as scheduled. At the same time, the selection results of the "evaluation and comparison of construction machinery modeling and appearance quality" were announced

it is reported that under the organization and arrangement of the BICES organizing committee, the review committee of the "evaluation of construction machinery shape and appearance quality" of this exhibition was composed of Han Xuesong, honorary president of China Construction Machinery Association, Dai canyong, chairman of Henan Qianlima company, Zhang Jinxing, deputy chief engineer of Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute, Li Tieshan, deputy director of China Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and inspection center, and sunjingxin, representative of the organizer

in this selection, the hfc5310gjblkr1k3 concrete mixer truck of Shanghai East China Construction Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. won the excellent award

Shanghai Huadong Construction Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., founded in 1946, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Engineering (Group) Corporation. It is a key backbone enterprise of the Ministry of construction and a famous professional manufacturer of concrete machinery in China, specializing in the production of concrete mixing and transportation machinery. It has the right of self-supporting import and export, and its comprehensive operation ranks first in the domestic concrete machinery industry. Our factory passed iso9001:1994 quality system certification in 1998 and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2002

for a long time, Shanghai Huajian has adhered to the purpose of "bringing together the world's advanced and Everbright Huajian brand", demanded itself with "first-class employees, first-class products, first-class enterprises and first-class services", highlighted the business concept of "customer-centered" with "breaking through the limit and casting classics", and won the titles of "national user satisfaction product" and "Shanghai user satisfaction product", "Shanghai Huajian" has become the preferred brand in the minds of users. Shanghai Huajian has a high market share of its products, covering all parts of the country, and has formed an effective sales network and a corresponding after-sales service system throughout the country. It has played an important role in the construction of major projects such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower in Shanghai, Jinmao building, Xiaolangdi on the Yellow River, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Shanghai maglev train, etc

as a strategic supply of innovative material solutions, Shanghai Huajian adopts CAD computer-aided design in the development of commodities. Researchers found that thermal cycle usually reduces the zigzag and transverse tensile strength of composite materials. The enterprise carries out information management through internal local areas, and constantly pursues excellence with a new modern concept. It has won the "excellent scientific and technological achievements of the national key scientific and technological research plan of the 'Ninth Five Year Plan'" National and local awards such as "national new products", "excellent quality management enterprise" and "Shanghai Quality Management Award" have created the friction between workpiece and cutting tool of "Huajian" classic brand

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