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Shanghai has stepped up efforts to salvage and intercept water hyacinths. For the first time, industrial drones have been used to detect

in order to protect the water environment around the venue from the influence of aquatic plants and ensure that the water surface is clean and beautiful, the Shanghai Water Department has recently stepped up efforts to salvage and intercept water hyacinths. This year, industrial drones have been used for the first time for "detection" and accurate early warning and monitoring. Listen to the report of this car Runyu:

[Live: 3, 2, 1 take-off... Altitude 10, altitude 20, acceleration... Now the plane is climbing, and the climbing altitude is about 392]

with the take-off of this "universal navigation" industrial UAV equipped with SLR in mianzhang port, Fengjing town, Jinshan District, the following: the water hyacinth on the river is captured into the mirror one by one. After about 10 minutes of flight, the whole river was clearly photographed. Huang Huawen, deputy general manager of universal navigation company, told that the resolution of the high-definition remote sensing image taken by the UAV can reach the size of 10 cm multiplied by 10 cm, and automatically identify water hyacinth, drift bottle and other objects as small as 0.1 square meters

[normally gentle Jin Chengli will automatically identify the scope, location and position of the water hyacinth through a series of processing after flying, and give it to the management department for monitoring and early warning, so as to guide the salvage unit to carry out the salvage implementation. In order to ensure the smooth convening of the China International fair, a full coverage photography and photographic processing will be carried out for the key areas in half a month, and the function of monitoring and early warning will be available in the next 5-10 years.]

Xie cuisong, deputy director of the municipal water conservancy management office, said that the cruise monitoring of UAV made up for the shortcomings of the traditional monitoring, which mainly focused on manual patrol and fixed-point video monitoring, with the exception of ordinary rubber and rubber preparation technology characterized only by product structure, which are high in management cost and difficult to cover all water areas. It realized the rapid monitoring and automatic early warning of the distribution of water hyacinth in rivers and lakes in the target area, and provided auxiliary decision support for the fishing of water hyacinth. The next step is to strengthen the linkage between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

[do a good job of upstream and downstream docking, implement, and strengthen the interception force. Strengthen the centralized fishing and mobilization force, increase the operation frequency, extend the operation time, publish the data of water hyacinth fishing every day before and during the Expo, mobilize forces from all aspects, strictly prevent sticking to it, and ensure that the water hyacinth does not affect the smooth convening of the Expo!]

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