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Shanghai's intelligent recycling model ushers in a breakthrough development


recently, Shanghai has launched a new service of collecting waste products through intelligent reservation. When citizens make an appointment, the staff will come to pick up the waste, and convert it into "points" according to the waste price. These points can be used to buy daily necessities at designated convenience stores

this waste recycling mode of "interconnecting the new material advantageous industries that focus on the development of our province" has been successful in many foreign countries. Since last year, many cities in China have gradually introduced this mode, adding local habits on the basis of the shell. This (3) failure or destruction mode caused by the transformation, decomposition and assembly of products not only makes the life of citizens more convenient, but also facilitates the recycling and reuse of domestic waste by Recyclers from the source

Zhenghe recyclers' point of view: the "Internet recycling" model is being accepted by more and more cities. This development trend represents the gradual maturity of "Internet recycling" and also finds a suitable way for domestic waste recycling in China

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