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With the opening of the Shanghai Industrial Expo in China imminent, Deutsche smart is waiting for you at booth a064

the 20th China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China Industrial Expo) will be held at the China Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 19 to 23, 2018. Deutsche smart will bring star products to the exhibition with you

the star products of Deutsche smart in this exhibition are: reinforced handheld tablet computer, industrial tablet computer, fan free industrial machine, driving test series tablet

ppc-gs0853t-jk4 is a low-power, highly reliable, fan free, touch ultra-thin on-board tablet computer product. All interfaces are led out through a bundle of wires, the front panel is injection molded, and the rear panel is aluminum alloy plate for heat dissipation

this product has an Intel Atom e3845 processor on board and 2G DDR3 memory on board. The whole machine has rich i/o interfaces. The drying strength - the strength of the bonding part measured immediately after drying or conditioning in the specified environment for a period of time adopts a closed fanless, ultra-thin design. Support Windows win7/8/10, Linux and other operating systems

product features:

● industrial 8-inch display

● five wire resistive touch screen, optional power and capacity in other cases

● Intel processor e3845 processor

● on-board 2GB ddr3l memory

● 3*usb2.0/3*rs232/1*1000m lan

● 1*line-out/1* reset/1*restore

pc-gs5052a is a low-power and high reliability.Sealed fan free industrial computer. This product is based on Intel Bay trail chipset, On board Intel J1900 quad core processor (main frequency 2.0GHz), with 2G memory as standard, and the maximum expandable 4G memory. Support Windows 7/8.1/10, Linux and other operating systems

the shell is made of aluminum alloy, with small overall size; The structure is compact, firm, fan free design, and the shell is also used for heat dissipation. It has excellent sealing, dust prevention, heat dissipation and vibration resistance. It can be widely used in various embedded fields such as vehicle mounted, intelligent transportation, mechanical equipment, automatic control and so on

product features:

● Intel J1900 2.0 GHz Low power processor

● sealed fanless dust proof design

● standard 2GB memory, Maximum support 4GB

● 6 * USB/6 * serial port/1 * VGA/1* thus affecting the accuracy of experimental data HDMI

● 2 * Intel i211 gigabit network interface

● 2 * audio audio interface (line out, MIC in)

● panel color: Silver/Black optional

tpc-gs1051ht V4 is an upgraded product based on the previous generation of reinforced handheld tpc-gs1051ht

on board quad core n2930 low power processor and 4G memory, fan free design, aluminum alloy housing for heat dissipation

the optional modules are comprehensively laid out, which improves the scalability of products and the disassembly of modules without changing the structure

product features:

● fully reinforced 10.1-inch industrial handheld flat panel, the protection grade of the whole machine is ip65

● based on Intel baytrail platform, n2930 quad core processing can not be switched on and off continuously in a short time, on-board 4G memory

● 4g/wifi/bt/gps/rfid/2d and other modules can be expanded at the same time

● working temperature range -20 degrees to 60 degrees

Shenzhen Dehang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates R & D, production We are a professional equipment provider of industrial computers, embedded computers and reinforced military computers, providing industrial computers of various sizes and specifications, networking machines, industrial embedded machines, industrial tablets, embedded industrial motherboards, and military reinforced computers

learn more, welcome to the exhibition site

exhibition time: September, 2018

exhibition address: a064, hall 6.1h, Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center, China

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