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Shanghai Huafan information awarded the service outsourcing training base

cultivate compound talents recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce announced the list of the first 24 service outsourcing talent training and training bases in the city. After strict qualification assessment and on-site evaluation, Shanghai Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the soar group, is honored to become the first batch of Shanghai Service Outsourcing talent training base. This is to continue Shanghai Huapan information to become a key enterprise of active material demand outsourcing with excellent services in Shanghai (issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce), internship and employment base, Vocational Internship Base of Shanghai Overseas Chinese University (issued by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of labor and social security), talent training and transportation base (issued by Beijing University Qingniao Shanghai Branch), etc, The government and social enterprises once again affirm and recognize the contribution of Shanghai Huafan information to promote the cultivation of service outsourcing talents, speed up the docking of service outsourcing talents with enterprises, and realize the win-win situation of college students, enterprises and society

over the years, the structural shortage of talents has become a core problem perplexing the development of China's service outsourcing industry. Especially in recent years, facing the development trend of cross-border integration of industries and the competition for talents in e-commerce, software and other industries, the shortage of service outsourcing talents in China, especially the lack of compound talents who understand both service outsourcing and vertical industries, has further intensified. In 2014, China's service outsourcing enterprises will face an increasing talent gap every year. As a leader in the field of call center outsourcing in Greater China, Feiao group has become a human resources partner of many internationally renowned enterprises. In recent years, it has successfully cultivated a large number of service outsourcing talents through various ways, such as work study integrated customized Feiao classes, to provide customers with high-quality services. In the future, Feiao group will continue to actively give full play to the training and practical training experience of service outsourcing talents, hoping to play a positive role in accelerating the training of compound service outsourcing talents, so as to promote the healthy development of Shanghai's service outsourcing industry

about soar group:

founded in 1997, soar group is a leading enterprise providing outsourcing call centers and e-commerce solutions for multinational companies and industry leaders. Feiao group provides comprehensive customer service and helps customers identify, acquire and retain customers through various communication channels, so as to maximize the value of customers. The group has a total of 3000 employees of various models, including 3 or even no screws, and its business has spread across major Asia Pacific regions. It has four call operation centers in Greater China, including Shanghai (Shanghai Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd.), Kunshan (Kunshan Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd.), Hong Kong and Taipei. The experience of call center includes customer service, such as scratch resistant in and out marketing, upgrading service and responding to customer inquiries. E-commerce experience includes station planning and construction, call center services, marketing, station management and maintenance and operation services, and data statistical analysis. At present, the service languages of Feiao group include Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghai 2. First press the landing button, Minnan, English, Japanese and Korean. By providing professional call center outsourcing and e-commerce outsourcing, Feiao group has successfully implemented more than 400 projects in many industries

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