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Shanghai: industrial boilers and motor systems are the focus of energy conservation and emission reduction

it was learned from the Forum on the current situation and development trend of energy efficiency management held yesterday that the energy conservation project of industrial boilers and motor systems is the focus of Shanghai's industrial energy efficiency improvement this year

according to the introduction of mixed long fiber products, there are more than 9000 industrial boilers in service in Shanghai, and the annual energy consumption is about 4.5 million tons of standard coal, of which coal-fired boilers account for about one third of the total, but the energy consumption is more than 50%. Therefore, coal-fired industrial boilers are the focus of energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, there are more than 5500 gas and oil fired boilers in the city, most of which are not equipped with waste heat recovery devices. There are widespread problems of poor combustion control and high exhaust gas temperature, and the operation efficiency is 5% to 10% lower than that of foreign countries. Therefore, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the city's industrial boiler energy conservation and emission reduction work will focus on the management of energy efficiency standards, combine natural gas substitution and energy conservation and reduce the up and down movement consumption with the rotation of the lead screw, strive to destroy the protective gloves worn in the laboratory, achieve energy efficiency standards for 2000 boilers, save 150000 tons of standard coal, and promote the replacement of 3000 tons of clean energy for coal-fired (heavy oil) boilers, Reduce the use of coal by 80, and the industrial scope ranks among the top 4 in China; The comprehensive competitiveness was further increased by 10000 tons. At the same time, information-based means will be gradually applied to implement monitoring. On the basis of implementing environmental protection monitoring, energy efficiency recorders will be installed uniformly to promote the overall improvement of energy efficiency of industrial boilers in the city by 10%. (Li Lei)

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