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Shanghai International Packaging and printing city youth club was established in Putuo District. Shanghai International Packaging and printing city is a park jointly developed by Shanghai jin'ao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jin) Huan Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Industrial Zone Development Corporation. It is located in the only land port logistics base among the three major logistics bases in Shanghai: Northwest Logistics Park, which is also a productive service industry cluster in Taopu. The total investment of the project is 150million yuan, covering an area of 83 mu, with a construction area of 85000 square meters, and a total of 12 functional centers. According to statistics, there are 130 registered enterprises and about 200 young talents in the city. According to the guiding ideology of Taopu Town Youth League Committee's 2007 exploration of key industrial chain league construction, taking Jinhuan company as the main body of operation, after three months of preparation, after the preliminary investigation of the basic situation of young people, the negotiation and communication with each article and block in the medium term, and the preparation of the later launch ceremony. By the end of November, 2007, there were 20 enterprises and 100 young people participating in the club in the form of units

at 14:00 p.m. on December 10, 2007, the launching ceremony of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city youth club in Taopu town was successfully held. Li Rui, deputy secretary of the Putuo Youth League, attended the meeting; Zhengyunmei, vice chairman of Taopu Town People's Congress; Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Jinhuan company; Qian Chengxi, vice president of China packaging and Printing Association and chairman of Shanghai jin'ao international packaging and Printing City guaranteed electromechanical work heat emission Co., Ltd; And relevant leaders of Taopu Town Youth League Committee and Jinhuan company. A total of 80 youth representatives from member units attended the meeting

At the meeting, Li Rui, deputy secretary of the Youth League District Committee, and Zheng Yunmei, vice chairman of the Township People's Congress, unveiled the youth club and delivered a speech. The first youth club Council was elected and the constitution was adopted. The purpose is to strive to form a unique cultural atmosphere and social life network in the packaging city. Wang Yan, the newly elected chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Jinhuan company, made a statement. After the meeting, the youth of the future club and the club participated in the first activity of the establishment of the club to avoid over vibration and under vibration: expansion training, we are a circle. Everyone eliminated the strangeness and pulled into the distance

the official establishment of the youth club of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city in Taopu town marks the birth of another large Youth Association in Taopu. It is another powerful exploration and promotion of Taopu industry youth work after Taopu logistics industry chain Youth Work Committee

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