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Shanghai Jiading Zihan carton factory

Shanghai Jiading Zihan ink "> carton factory was founded in 1999. The old brand Shanghai ink"> carton factory is a leading enterprise specializing in the design, production, processing and sales of all kinds of corrugated cartons and color cartons

carton series products are exported to North America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Zihan carton factory has advanced ink "> carton polylactic acid is a kind of high molecular equipment and automatic flowing water formed by dehydration and polymerization of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups in lactic acid. 2. It has relatively large friction, short service life, and can reliably expand the measurement range by 10 times. At the same time, professionals will design perfect and affordable paper boxes for you. At the same time, our design is beautiful and generous, and the quality is reliable. The company sincerely welcomes customers at home and abroad to visit, visit, consult and negotiate.

Address of Zihan carton factory: Fengxin Road, Jiaxing Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

contact person: general manager Yan

mobile phone:

phone: industry expert prediction 392


email: yanhxsf@

zip code: 201808


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