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The development of science and technology has brought about the rapid development of the packaging industry. Although China's packaging machinery started late, China has now become the second largest packaging country in the world. At present, China is actively transforming into a powerful packaging country. To achieve development, we must first know our own shortcomings. As the last process on the production line, what are the shortcomings of the development of the packaging industry in China? Listen to the following decomposition

after decades of development in China, the packaging industry has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, and its position in the national economy is also higher. 1. Metal tensile testing machine: the greater the tensile strength of metal materials, the more important it is. But looking at the development process of packaging machine for so many years, it is not difficult to find that there are some obvious deficiencies in China's packaging machine industry. Among them, the main manifestations are the unreasonable product structure, the generally small scale of enterprises and the lack of professional and technical talents

compared with developed countries, the products of China's packaging machinery industry have only more than 1300 varieties in terms of product structure, and the supporting quantity is small, lacking high-precision and large-scale products, which can not meet the market demand: the product quality gap is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short service life and low reliability, Affect the quality of the overall product; From the perspective of enterprise conditions, the domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises with large production scale. "Wang Yuanbing, general manager of jiayitong company, said that there are not many enterprises with high-grade products; From the perspective of product development, China is still basically at the stage of testing and imitation, with weak self-development ability and lack of pilot bases for scientific research and production. Scientific research funds account for only 1% of sales, compared with 8% to 10% abroad

the technical level of China's packaging machinery as a whole is 20 years behind that of the advanced countries. Only when the competition in product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects reassures customers can we be at a disadvantage in the competition. The repeated production of low-level products is more, and the technical difficulty of these devices is small, the cost is low, and the start is fast. Therefore, many enterprises will choose these devices as entry-level products, so as to accumulate funds and further expand their ambitions. However, this will inevitably lead to the repetition of products and the inability to buy them, which will naturally affect the renewal of equipment, and ultimately make it difficult to improve the production level

the development of China's packaging machinery industry is restricted by factors such as too small enterprise scale, low product level, excessive dependence on imports, low development capacity, insufficient R & D investment, and lack of professional and technical personnel. Reliability problems are widespread. Packaging machine manufacturers do not pay much attention to product quality, mainly in two directions: first, their own processing parts, some are not accurate enough, some are poor materials, some are not heat treated, some are not forged, which makes the equipment have great problems, which is also the main reason for the backwardness of the enterprise's packaging machine. The packaging product deviation is large, and the scrap rate is high

the protection of products has not been paid attention to. Enterprises take few measures in the safety of packaging machines, such as: most of the protective covers and protective doors are not installed, and some are installed, but they can not implement safety chain, and only play negative protection. Especially for heavy bag packaging, workers' labor intensity is high, and safety is even more important, so we must pay enough attention to it

however, compared with foreign advanced equipment, China's packaging machinery is not useless. For example, China's packaging machinery is more flexible in design ideas and can be customized according to the different needs of customers; With the advantage of geographical environment, we can understand the problems of equipment in the actual production of the enterprise through various channels, establish a complete and excellent after-sales service system, and solve the problems in time; According to the requirements of customers, the manufacturing and commissioning cycle of the equipment is shorter than that of foreign countries, and the cost is cheap and easy to maintain

the key to the healthy development of domestic packaging machinery is to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the development of China's packaging machinery industry, accurately formulate the next development plan, give full play to the advantages and make up for the deficiencies. Conform to the trend of the times, strengthen independent innovation, establish a good brand image, and make steady progress and comprehensive development in the stimulated market competition. Only in this way, China's packaging machinery industry can occupy its own place in the market

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