Ottawa needs support from majority of provinces to

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Ottawa needs support from majority of provinces to guarantee Quebec's share of Commons seats | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Constitutional experts say the federal government has a bit of wiggle room to maintain Quebec’s 78 seats in the House of Commons — or even add one or two — but it can’t guarantee the province’s influence in the chamber won’t wane over time without a constitutional amendment approved by at least seven provinces.

Quebec Premier Fran?ois Legault and the Bloc Québécois are both demanding that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau step in to ensure that Quebec does not lose one seat as the country’s electoral map is redrawn to reflect population shifts.

And they’ve gone further, contending that the House’s recognition of Quebec as a nation in Canada demands that the province have a constant share of the seats in the Commons in perpetuity, even though its share of the country’s population is decliningbut others who answere.

“I think the nation of Quebec deserves a certain level of representation in the House of Commonsor 170 per million., regardless of the evolution of the number of inhabitants in each province,” Legault said last month2021-04-23T10:24:08.245Z.

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