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All conquered and invincible, the war wolf team of Iberia whole house custom Jieyang store, under the leadership of director Lin Yuna, the wolf king, has become increasingly powerful. Let's take a look at the secret of such a powerful warwolf team

as we all know, the team spirit and collective concept of "wolves" are unmatched by any other animals. They prey in groups, work together, cooperate together, and the wolf spirit is also the team spirit. The wolf clan is not only a group with the concept of team and collective. In the wolf's team, every member of the team shoulders his obligations to the group by giving play to his unique wisdom and strength

iberi Guangdong Jieyang store team is such a team with wolf spirit. They are united and cooperative, and have a strong overall view. In their work, like wolves, they turn the advantages of each member into the highlights of the collective, and use them flexibly. What they are stronger than wolves is that while giving full play to their personal advantages, they constantly learn and absorb useful skills, and constantly improve their abilities, So that this team becomes more and more powerful and powerful

the wolves can be so united because they are all under the control of the wolf king. As long as the wolf king gives an order, the wolves will be overwhelming and unstoppable. When the situation is not optimistic, they can be calm and calm, and the formation is not disordered. The wolf king of the werewolf team in Jieyang, Guangdong Province, belongs to Director Lin Yuna. Under her leadership, the werewolf nature in the store is becoming stronger and stronger

director Lin's greatest advantage is that she has the spirit of "invincible Xiaoqiang". When the score of the store signing is not ideal, she is not discouraged and does not give up. Instead, she encourages designers and shopping guides in the team to spread positive energy to them. Director Lin is also familiar with the strengths of each member, and arranges their positions in the most appropriate positions, so that they can give full play to their advantages most effectively. The tacit understanding between the teams is full, the work efficiency is fast, and the correct leadership of director Lin has successfully signed orders for stores one after another

director Lin said that making personal advantages become the advantages of the team, the improvement of personal ability and the strength of the team will also be enhanced, and their efforts, from customers entering the store to choosing products to installation and acceptance, a series of processes, whether technology or service, are to bring customers a better consumption experience, and customer satisfaction is their biggest driving force

those who share the same desire win! The lone wolf is not strong. Only by attacking the target group can we win. In the future, Iberia Guangdong Jieyang store will continue to give full play to their wolf team spirit, devote itself to serving more customers, and strive to become an example of more than 500 Iberia stores in the whole house




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