A big analysis of the key points of American style

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When you finish decorating your room, one of the main issues to consider is what kind of furniture to choose. If the configured furniture has novel shapes, pleasing colors, exquisite materials and complete functions, it will undoubtedly make your room "icing on the cake". Otherwise, it will backfire and regret for life. Therefore, people all hope to match a set of desirable furniture

in recent years, the practice of abandoning snow-white walls has become more and more common. Use warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red or pink, to make the space expand and enlarge

in addition, if the pattern in the home is not very complete, I'm afraid to use too many colors to produce the feeling of dividing a space. You can use the paint of the same color system, and gradually change from deep to light, connecting the space and making it larger. In addition, the use of home decoration cloth can also achieve the effect of expanding space. The blue and white tones close to the sky color are used to create visual comfort, making people feel like they are in the refreshing nature

in large space, the color of home decoration cloth should not be too miscellaneous. If the same color system matches and echoes with each other, the feeling will be better

the bathroom is a place with high humidity and temperature, which is unfavorable to the growth of plants, so we must choose shade tolerant plants, such as ferns, leafy rattan, Penglai banana, etc. White tiles are often used around the bathroom, with thick green foliage plants, which makes it more conspicuous and pleasing to the eye. The place should avoid splashing and contamination of soap foam





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