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Wallpaper pasting is a technical activity. Mastering the steps of wallpaper pasting can supervise workers or create a high-quality wall by themselves. Now let's learn about the steps of pasting wallpaper. Mastering a superb skill can keep the wall beautiful for a longer time

first look at the area and size of the wallpaper you need to post. Only after it is determined can we design the texture and cut the size of the wallpaper. And the wallpaper should be posted before posting it, which is to make the wallpaper look more pasted, beautiful and durable

wait for the wall to be eradicated and leveled. Remove some paint, wallpaper and other superfluous things on the wall. At the same time, if there are potholes on the wall, it should be filled in time. At the same time, if there are some fabrics and waste silk on the wallpaper, it should be removed in time, otherwise the wallpaper will be punctured when posting the wallpaper. At the same time, after filling and cleaning, it should be polished to make the wall more flat, so that it is more convenient to post, and the wallpaper will be more beautiful after posting

cut the wallpaper. When cutting wallpaper, you should observe the symmetry of the wallpaper and make a good plan for the wallpaper. In this way, the posted effect will be more beautiful. If more than one wallpaper is used, the order of use of the wallpaper should be numbered. At the same time, after cutting the wallpaper, soak it in clean water for more than ten minutes before brushing

apply putty on the wall after applying the bottom film. First brush a layer of film on the wall with a moderate thickness, then apply putty and polish it. Just like the preliminary work of painting, carry out many times of putty and polishing work, so as to make the wall more flat and smooth, prevent the wall from absorbing the glue of wallpaper, and make the wallpaper firmly posted on the wall, which is more flat and beautiful

the ground wall and wallpaper are painted with glue. When painting wallpaper, pay attention to uniformity, do not pile it up, and at the same time, prevent soiling the wallpaper. After painting, fold the painted glue surface in half and place it for 35 minutes to prevent the glue surface from drying too fast and affecting the use. When painting glue on the wall, its width should be wider than the wallpaper, and some places should be reserved

cut the wallpaper. The wallpaper was cut before, but now the wallpaper to be posted is cut. Measure the size before cutting the wallpaper. At the same time, keep the symmetry of the wallpaper when cutting, so as to be more beautiful. In particular, some wallpapers are painted with large patterns, so we must maintain their integrity and not blindly cut them

mastering the steps of pasting wallpaper and understanding the matters needing attention in these steps can enable you to create high-quality walls by yourself. As we all know, even if the wallpaper is good, without a good technology, the wallpaper will fall off or bubble in less than three months




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