The hottest container becomes a high-risk carrier

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The statistics of Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau show that containers have become the main way to carry pests into the country

the container is convenient, fast, safe and efficient. At the same time, because of its repeated shipment and round-trip to all parts of the world, there is also a part of plant products in its structure, which has also become a "high-risk carrier" carrying many pests. Last year, Jiangsu ports handled more than 3 million TEUs of containers. Containers from epidemic areas accounted for 55% of inbound containers, of which 10% were infested. In view of this situation, Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has formulated the container inspection and quarantine work specification to unify the requirements and practices of the container inspection and quarantine work in the whole province and provide a scientific basis for the container inspection and quarantine work. At the same time, strengthen the on-site inspection, highlight the key points, strengthen the inspection and Quarantine of containers from health and animal and plant quarantine epidemic areas, loaded with waste materials, wooden packaging materials and bedding materials, and loaded with export food and frozen products, take batch quarantine measures for the entry containers listed as key points, increase the number of on-site samples, and increase the probability of epidemic detection; Designate a special person to be responsible for the on-site inspection, sampling and laboratory separation and identification of container inspection, so as to ensure that the inspection of container quarantine is fast and accurate; We will seriously investigate and deal with the acts of concealing information of individual agencies to prevent the occurrence of evasion and omission of inspection

while doing a good job in container inspection and quarantine, Jiangsu also comprehensively strengthened the assessment, registration and follow-up supervision of container yards (stations), comprehensively understood the situation of containers entering and leaving the stations and unpacking, and required the stations to report the statistics of containers every month, so as to timely grasp the dynamics of inbound and outbound containers. For qualified stations, through the computer system, timely master the container inspection application of each freight forwarding department, and timely correct the problems found

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