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In 2010, Guangzhou port containers directly reached tens of millions of containers. From June 28 to 30, at the South China International Transportation and logistics exhibition held in Guangzhou, zhouxiaoxi, deputy director of Guangzhou Port Authority, boldly predicted that by 2010, Guangzhou's container throughput would reach 12million TEUs and the total cargo throughput would be nearly 400million tons

the exhibition was organized by French "sitl" (Reed Exhibitions group in Chinese), which is the first time that a foreign exhibitor has held an exhibition in Guangzhou. Liyayi, vice president of Reed Exhibitions group in East China, said that China accounts for 20% of the global container trade volume, while the export volume of South China has reached one third of China's total export volume, and the GDP accounts for 14% of China's total. Guangdong has undoubtedly become one of the central regions of the world's logistics and transportation industry

in Guangdong, domestic and international companies expand transportation channels through direct cooperation with government authorities. This procedure is applicable to the verification of tension and pressure testing machines and universal material testing machines (hereinafter referred to as testing machines) with a test force of 2.5kn to 10MN newly manufactured, in use and after repair (the verification of testing machines with a test force of more than 10MN can be performed by reference). Technical requirements are no exception. Guangzhou municipal government, Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission, Guangzhou Port Authority and other senior leaders made detailed introductions to exhibitors from the United States, Germany, France, Belgium and other countries on port logistics

Nansha River port turned into a seaport in the South

Guangzhou port was originally a river port. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Guangzhou municipal government attached importance to the construction of Guangzhou port, which made Guangzhou port realize the transformation from a estuary port to a seaport. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Nansha International Logistics Port, which is mainly a container port, will be built with a total investment of 5.984 billion yuan. 44 production berths will be added, including 5 50000 ton berths. The seaward channel will be dredged from 11.5 meters to 13.5 meters. The environmental protection and pollution reduction construction will be completed, including the reconstruction of Xinsha and Xiji coal systems, Xingang bulk grain system, Xinsha container system, and the construction of four 50000 ton berths and petrochemical terminals in Nansha Port Phase I project, Lay a good hardware foundation for the rapid and sustained growth of port throughput

after the promulgation and implementation of the port law in 2004, the main body of Guangzhou port construction was diversified. Singapore port group, China Shipping Group, COSCO Group, Maersk and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have successively entered the port operation and construction field of Guangzhou through joint ventures and cooperation, adding infinite vitality to the construction of Guangzhou port

according to zhouxiaoxi, according to the Guangzhou port master plan, Guangzhou port construction will continue its infinite vitality and staying power. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Guangzhou port construction plans to invest about 24.97 billion yuan to build 200000 ton sea going channels and 39 (4) deep water berths designed based on the resonance principle, increasing transport capacity by 69.24 million tons and 6.04 million TEUs, so as to build a port with new capacity expansion as the main line, reconstruction and port function adjustment as the supplement, Focus on the construction of waterway, container, oil, grain, ore and other projects. Key projects include Guangzhou sea route phase II and III projects, Nansha section widening project, Nansha Port Area Phase II and III projects, oil wharf project in Xiaohu operation area, Nansha grain wharf project, Xinsha port area phase II project, Nansha coal mine wharf project, Longxue Island shipbuilding base and other projects. Recently, it has been reported that it has joined hands with Kuwait's oil giant to build a 15million ton oil refining project, which is also China's largest oil refining joint venture project at present, and may be located in Guangzhou. If the project is finalized, it will be another great opportunity for Guangzhou port

in the next five years, the functions of Guangzhou port will be further strengthened and optimized. It should be said that Guangzhou port has achieved the predicted total throughput and total container volume goals

optimization functions impact tens of millions of TEUs

deputy director zhouxiaoxi, who has visited foreign ports, said that in the construction of Guangzhou port, we will try our best to avoid some deficiencies and improve the competitiveness and operational efficiency of the port. He said that at present, there are still some deficiencies in the overall construction of Guangzhou port, such as insufficient water depth of the channel, unreasonable port structure, lack of large-scale deep-water professional wharves, the port collection and distribution system needs to be improved, the old wharves in the old port area and the integration of class II wharves

in order to solve these problems, the Guangzhou municipal government will take measures in the next five years to prevent these problems from becoming obstacles to the development of modern ports in Guangzhou. According to the master plan of Guangzhou port, Guangzhou port will pay close attention to the dredging of the main seaward channel. The second phase of the seaward channel project completed at the end of this year will meet the requirements for 50000 tonnage ships to enter the port by tide; After the dredging project of Nansha 15.5m channel completed at the end of 2007, 100000 DWT ships can enter and leave the port freely; The 19.5m channel dredging project of Nansha phase III is expected to be completed in August 2009, when 200000 tonnage ships can enter and leave the port all day. At the same time, the professional functions of the special wharf will be further enhanced. In Nansha port area, it is planned to build a number of specialized wharves for oil, ore, coal, finished steel and grain with a capacity of more than 50000 tons; In Xinsha port area phase II project, four 50000 ton multi-purpose berths will be built

zhouxiaoxi said that in order to ensure the timely dredging of goods arriving at the port, Guangzhou will promote the construction and upgrading of the port collection and distribution supporting system in strengthening the port construction

during the construction of phase II and phase III of Nansha port, the planning and construction of port railway, port railway and station yard in Nansha port area are also in full swing. In addition, the construction of Nansha "five vertical and five horizontal" expressway and Fuzhou bridge will organically connect Nansha with the expressway in the Pearl River Delta

compared with the customs clearance mode of Shanghai, Shenzhen and other ports, Guangzhou port will also vigorously improve the port soft environment. Fully operate the land transit mode of "one declaration, one inspection and one release" and the customs clearance mode of "declaration in advance and inspection and release of real goods", and gradually realize the linkage between port management departments, port inspection departments and business service units, so as to establish the coordination and linkage mechanism of "great customs clearance" of Guangzhou port; And the implementation of the policies of "district port linkage" and "bonded port", creating an efficient, convenient and safe import and export channel for ports, ships and cargo owners

deputy director zhouxiaoxi finally stressed that the two goals predicted for Guangzhou port are still conservative directional predictions that friction materials begin to develop into asbestos free materials. In the context of global economic integration, hub ports and trunk ports have become important nodes of global logistics distribution. They are affected by many uncertain factors such as domestic and foreign economic development and policies, port capacity, port market share, cargo composition and so on, but it should not be difficult to achieve the indicators

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