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Hong Kong's status as the No. 1 container port will be in jeopardy. Port and shipping components will be loosened, cracked, and even cause machinery failure, which will even cause huge losses. Hu Yingxiang, chairman of the Transport Bureau, delivered a speech at a luncheon recently, proposing that Hong Kong should actively develop multimodal transport and distribution logistics business, build the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge as soon as possible, reduce terminal handling fees, implement 24-hour customs clearance, and actively integrate with the Pearl River Delta to attract more sources of goods, Otherwise, within 4 to 5 years, China's plastic extruder industry, the world's largest container port, is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development

he recently delivered a special speech on "making Hong Kong the key element of China's logistics center" at a luncheon meeting of the Hong Kong Institute of directors, saying that the container throughput of Hong Kong port has been only able to maintain at the level of 18million TEUs in recent years, and can not be further broken through, mainly because it is seriously threatened by Shenzhen port

he said that the Pearl River Delta has become the manufacturing center of China. To ensure that Hong Kong continues to maintain its status as the "South Gate", it must attract more sources of goods to Hong Kong, strengthen the traffic links with the Pearl River Delta and reduce the handling fees of container terminals. He said that in 1994, the container throughput of Shenzhen's ports was only 200000 TEUs, but this year it will reach 8million TEUs, indicating that Hong Kong's container throughput has not made a breakthrough because the source of goods has been snatched away by Shenzhen

he pointed out that it would be natural and appropriate if the high terminal handling charges were the result of supply and demand. However, Hong Kong has lost a lot of goods because of the high terminal handling charges. He therefore concluded that although the export volume of the Pearl River Delta continued to increase, Hong Kong had never benefited from it

huyingxiang also stressed that Hong Kong should not change the experimental machine assembly of small angle devices to meet the re export business. It should actively develop value-added activities such as distribution and processing, and build Hong Kong into a distribution and logistics center in China and even Asia. At that time, the supply of goods will naturally increase and the value will also be greater. "If Hong Kong is not aware of this, within four to five years, the status of the world's largest cargo port will also be robbed." He said

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