The hottest consumer UAV has become the Red Sea UA

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Consumer UAV has become a red sea UAV and will take the road of specialization people's Beijing, June 13 (zhaozhuqing) the UAV industry is showing a trend of blowout development in recent years. The 10th UAV conference and Exhibition (Beijing station) of the wings of the elite opened in Beijing on the morning of the 12th. Tongjinghao, director of the Comprehensive Planning Institute of China Aviation planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., said in the report that at present, consumer UAVs have entered the Red Sea era as a whole, and the industry profits have declined rapidly; However, the industrial UAV is still in the stage of technology accumulation and market development, and there is great room for development

according to the civil UAV real name registration information of the Civil Aviation Administration, it belongs to the statistics of the system that alternates the ring opening of propylene oxide and the insertion of carbon dioxide on the metal catalyst active center. By the end of 2018, China had registered 285000 UAVs, about 268000 UAVs, 3720 types of UAVs, and 1228 manufacturers. Among them, about 192000 UAVs are used for entertainment, and about 93000 UAVs are used for agricultural plant protection, power inspection, remote sensing geophysical exploration, cargo delivery and other purposes

at present, the development of industrial UAV is not mature, low-end competition and profiteering exist at the same time, and the development of various fields is very uneven. Tong Jinghao believes that as an intelligent production tool, the inventory of industrial UAV exceeds 208500 tons of LME in the same period, which can be regarded as a classification of industrial robots, and its industry development characteristics and history will also reflect the development characteristics of industrial robots. The biggest technology trend is intelligence. There is still a lot of room for application of technologies such as cluster intelligence

Tong Jinghao said that at present, the industry of industrial UAV has begun to be gradually clear, the demand and GB 31604.2 and other method standards have been emerging, the technical standards have been taking shape, and the market has been subdivided

in the future, the UAV industry will be occupied by two types of enterprises: platform providers and application providers. He said that platform providers focused on developing common advanced technologies and based on international competition; The application providers focus on expanding the application fields, deeply cultivate services and provide integrated solutions. He believed that UAVs should follow a development path of deep military civilian integration based on professional development

during the exhibition, many enterprises appeared with new products and technologies. According to the organizer, there are more than 100 exhibitors, research institutes and manufacturers of supporting products, and more than 300 UAVs and related products are displayed. The conference also held the launch ceremony of China's UAV credit management initiative

since its establishment in 2006, the wings of the elite China UAV conference and exhibition has been successfully held for nine consecutive sessions, showing the development achievements of the UAV industry and the technological innovation of UAV products

sunbaiyuan, one of the long-standing sponsors of industry extension and Secretary General of China unmanned system industry alliance, said that this year's elite wing focuses on the segmentation and application of UAV industry. This time, Beijing station is the first station themed activity with UAV application as the main line. In the second half of the year, elite wing will also focus on the application of UAV in more fields relying on the 2019 maritime Expo

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