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Container filling paper air bag

the outer bag of the inflatable paper bag is made of PP and PE coated kraft paper, which is tough and reliable. The inner bag is an inflatable multi-layer co extruded plastic bag mainly made of LLDPE. This is an innovative and easy-to-use transportation protection tool

1. what is the use of inflatable paper bags

inflatable paper bags can effectively prevent the movement of goods in truck, container or railway transportation. It fully fills the gap between goods, supports the weight of goods caused by shaking, absorbs vibration, and protects goods from damage during transportation. It is more effective than any other supporting and filling protectors, and more environmentally friendly than traditional filling methods such as foamed plastic

2. what is the most common factor for cargo damage during transportation

the biggest factor for cargo damage is the damage to the packaging caused by the collision between forward or backward goods during transportation, which will further cause damage to the goods

3. how to decide what size inflatable paper bag to use

measure the gap between goods

measure the overall height of goods palletizing

measure the depth of pallets or the depth of goods packaging size

you can also obtain our professional service personnel. They also visited several neighbors of our experimental machine factory to help you make packing design and product selection, and accompanied you to complete the first packing test

4. the relationship between the gap between goods and the width of the inflatable paper bag

200 mm gap - it is recommended that the 500mm wide inflatable paper bag

300 mm gap - it is recommended that the 00mm wide inflatable paper bag will not be crushed

400 mm gap - it is recommended that the 1000mm wide inflatable paper bag

5. does the inflatable paper bag need protection

for normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.), adding corrugated board or other flat plates on both sides of the inflatable paper bag can effectively protect the inflatable paper bag from being punctured

6. what tools are needed to use inflatable bags

air compressor and air gun

the above tools are general pneumatic tools, which can be easily purchased in the local market. Of course, if you can purchase more than 100 inflatable bags at one time, we will give you a special inflatable gun

7. can the inflatable bag be reused

yes, but we hope you will pay attention to the following two points:

since we cannot control the user's use of the inflatable paper bag, we cannot guarantee the number of times that the inflatable paper bag can be reused.

when reusing, please put a "recycling is required, do not damage" sign on the outer bag. It is necessary to choose a microcomputer controlled one to remind the receiver of the protection of the inflatable bag

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8. Effective space for experiment: 0 ⑶ 000mm statement:

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