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Docking with packaging suppliers Jinsha liquor revealed the purchase amount of various packaging materials

release date: Source: Guizhou Tianyan Hetao

on October 23, the 2020 packaging supplier docking meeting with the theme of "strengthening the integration of supply and demand and promoting healthy development" was held in Jinsha County, which is the third stop of the "packaging supplier docking meeting" series activities after Xishui County and Maotai town

the matching rate of Baijiu in Guizhou Province has reached 47.8%

since August 2019, Guizhou Province has organized and carried out four matching activities between supply and demand of Baijiu enterprises and packaging enterprises, which shows that the government, industry and enterprises 208 push and pull the pulley industry for aluminum alloy doors and windows pay great attention to the development of Baijiu packaging industry, and fully reflects Guizhou's willingness to urgently improve the proportion of Baijiu packaging in Guizhou Province and improve the industrial chain

after more than a year of efforts, the Baijiu packaging industry in Guizhou Province has gradually changed from "looking outward" to "looking to Guizhou". Up to now, the matching rate of Baijiu in Guizhou Province has reached 47.8%, and the packaging industry is showing a positive and steady development trend

as we all know, Baijiu is the "ballast" of Guizhou's industrial economy and an important pillar industry of Guizhou's economic development. In recent years, the province's Baijiu industry has been growing. The structure has been significantly optimized, the brand has been improved, and the chain has been continuously extended. In 2019, the industrial added value reached 108.9 billion, accounting for 27.3% of the province's industrial added value

however, the development of Baijiu industry and Baijiu packaging industry "do not match", and the matching rate of Baijiu packaging in the province is less than one third. "In the past, nearly 70% of Baijiu packaging output value in Guizhou was generated outside the province every year", and Baijiu enterprises have "let go of the near and seek the far"

driven by many "packaging materials matchmaking meetings", the situation of Baijiu packaging industry in Guizhou Province has shown a development trend of accumulation and overtaking in curves

Zhou Yu, Secretary General of Guizhou Packaging Federation, introduced that at present, Guizhou packaging industry has initially formed four main spandex terminals, including paper product packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging. One of them is the sports clothing industry, showing a development trend of increasing quantity, reducing the number of parts and assembly processes, high quality, more and innovation. The packaging industry in the province is not what it used to be, and the impression of "middle and low-end" has been greatly changed in people's mind for a long time

Jinsha liquor revealed the purchase amount of various packaging materials

Gongrong, general manager of Jinsha liquor, said that as of September 2020, the total purchase amount of packaging materials of Jinsha liquor was 254million, including 130million for paper packaging, 100million for wine bottles and 18million for bottle caps. It is estimated that the purchase of customized wine packaging materials will exceed 400million in the whole year

at present, Jinsha liquor has contacted and cooperated with 13 packaging enterprises. The matching rate of packaging in the province has reached 51%. Currently, four packaging enterprises have begun to build factories in Guizhou

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