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At the beginning of 2000, the accumulated traffic mileage of PCU degradation in China's high-speed highway due to contact with adjacent cell roads was only 16600 km, and by the end of 2004, it had reached 34000 km, ranking second only to the United States (traffic mileage 95000 km), ranking second in the world. The continuous expansion of Expressway provides unprecedented development opportunities for highway logistics

however, due to the old logistics equipment, backward concepts and other problems, it not only affects the efficiency of logistics, but also causes a great waste of China's existing road resources

road resources are wasted invisibly

when it comes to the waste of road resources, many people may feel puzzled: the road is the road, where is there any waste

in fact, in 2016, China's photovoltaic polysilicon consumption was 334000 tons. I heard such words from Mr. Wan Daliang, general manager of Zhengzhou Xingya Automobile Co., Ltd., an authorized agent of Volvo truck company in Henan Province. The author also did not understand them. But Mr. Wan gave an example

container transportation has many advantages.

container transportation can not only improve the utilization rate of highway resources, but also save costs for logistics companies in terms of personnel wages, fleet management, fuel consumption, road maintenance fees, etc

compared with ordinary bulk cargo transportation, container transportation effectively saves packaging costs. The use of containers can simplify the packaging, even without packaging, and realize the unpackaged transportation of bulk cargo. In addition, since the container is a solid and sealed box, it can reduce the cargo damage and cargo difference caused by theft, moisture, dirt, etc. Therefore, container transportation has greatly improved the quality of freight transportation

what is the difference between a 20 ton container semitrailer (with a total length of 16 meters) and five 4 ton pickup trucks (with a total length of 7 meters)? According to the regulations, the vehicle must have a space distance of at least 200 meters before and after driving on the expressway. Then, it only takes 416 meters for a 20 ton container semi-trailer to drive on the road, while 1235 meters for five 4-ton pickup trucks; Moreover, the accident rate of one vehicle is relatively low, which means that the occupation time of road resources is reduced. Compared with container transportation, small trucks occupy a large area and a long time on the road, and the freight volume of the two is the same. Isn't it a waste

unfortunately, at present, the proportion of container transportation in China is only about 18%, and there are still more than 80% of ordinary trucks constantly 12. stress control rate range: 0.005% ~ 6%fs/s shuttling on the expressway

information source: Dongfang Jinbao

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