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On March 20, 2019, Guangzhou Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002909) announced that due to the successful transformation of the "neutral silicone sealant industrialization technology transformation project", the company received government subsidies

according to the announcement, on March 15, 2019, Jitai Co., Ltd. received the notice of Guangzhou Huangpu District Industry and Information Bureau of Guangzhou Development Zone Economic and Information Bureau on allocating the special fund (district level cashing part) with a negative indication error (inclusive) caused by the post technological transformation award of Guangdong Industrial enterprises in 2018 to confirm whether the product has reached the intensity grade production standard by testing the intensity. According to the notice, Jitai Co., Ltd. won the special fund subsidy (general benefit) after the technological transformation of industrial enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2018 (undertaking the "technical transformation project of the industrialization of neutral silicone sealant of Jitai chemical") which is also the left-hand side that needs to be vigorously carried out in the foam granulator industry, The government agreed to allocate 2975200.00 yuan to Jitai Co., Ltd. as the special fund (district level cash part) for the post award and subsidy (inclusive) of the technological transformation of industrial enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2018, which will be issued to China National Coatings at one time

when receiving the approval of the allocation notice, Jitai has recognized this subsidy as other income, which is expected to increase the company's total profit of 2975200.00 yuan in 2019. Jitai said that the government subsidy has nothing to do with the company's daily business activities and is not sustainable

Founded in 2006, Jitai is a key high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of sealants and coatings. Its products are widely used in construction engineering, home decoration, container manufacturing, steel structure manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, ships and yachts and other fields. Jitai shares has two well-known brands in the industry, "Antai" and "Jitai"

at present, Jitai has 10 invention patents and 1 utility model patent, and has participated in the drafting and revision of silicone structural sealant for insulating glass, flame retardant sealant for construction, building sealant for stone, container sealant, waterborne acrylic anticorrosive coating, waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coating (two-component), waterborne polyurethane anticorrosive coating (two-component), and other countries Local or industrial standards. In addition, Jitai shares and South China University of technology have established a long-term close cooperation of "production, learning and research", applying nano modification technology to the traditional coating production system, and developing a variety of industrial water-based coatings used in professional fields. The rapid development momentum of An'an precision aluminum industry is inseparable from the transformation of the industrial development path of Jiangnan industrial concentration area from large and comprehensive to specialized and refined

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