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Te connectivity "led the field of connectivity for 75 years"

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Schaffhausen, Switzerland - - on September 19, 2016, te connectivity, the global leader in connectivity and sensing, celebrated its 75 years of leadership in the field of connectivity this month, highlighting the company's innovation and influence in helping the innovation of electronic communication technology for many years. The innovation history of te makes it in the central position in the modern development process of mankind, and promotes the development of safety, energy utilization, transportation, industrial applications and medical fields. Te employees around the world will hold various celebrations from September 19 to 30

Tom Lynch, chairman and CEO of te connectivity, said that the Anpu brand under TE was founded in September, 1941. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Anpu, we review the long history of te in innovation, originality and influence. This includes the contributions made by all teams and companies under te connectivity today

te innovators from all over the world have brought more than 13000 patents for titanium alloy shells issued by manufacturers other than Vertu and Gresso 1. They work with inventors, manufacturers and problem-solving experts around the world to design connection solutions that can ensure power, data and signal transmission in the smallest space or the most demanding environment. Over the years, the rapid development of te has benefited from the inheritance of innovation and engineering technology, but also from many brands known and trusted by customers. These brands include amp, Raychem, Deutsch, creganna medical, advancedcath, Seacon, measurement specialties, jaquet technology group, Xiamen delixing, etc

te has always been at the forefront of innovation, creating sensing and connecting products to improve people's life, travel, production and manufacturing, and communication to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection. With safe, intelligent and efficient connectors and sensors that have been verified in harsh environments, TE and customers create unlimited possibilities. Today, te has helped intelligent industrial machines become a reality through BOT, boot, boot, blt, PPP and other ways, such as human, non-invasive heart surgery, smart watches, smart cars, etc. at the same time, it is also committed to helping the development of commercial space travel, artificial limbs and artificial intelligence in the future

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