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Relying on school enterprise public welfare projects, te connectivity helps future engineers connect the world

Shanghai, China. On July 30, 2018, te connectivity, a leading enterprise in the field of global connectivity and sensing (hereinafter referred to as te, with global headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland), announced at the 2018 China Innovation Summit that it would donate tablet computer equipment worth more than 300000 yuan to seven Chinese universities and vocational and technical colleges, A series of lectures will be held later to help future Chinese engineers connect the world from two aspects: hardware support and knowledge sharing. This is also an important part of T Jinan gold testing machine quality assurance e celebrating its 30th anniversary in China

this 30-year school enterprise public welfare project in China is based on the future engineer school enterprise cooperation platform carried out by te for many years. Te's customers, employees, partners, etc. participated in the early online activities in exchange for the company's matching project fund for the purchase of tablet computer equipment. These equipment containing te products will be used in the scientific research laboratories or classrooms of 7 institutions, including Nanjing University of technology, East China University of technology, Shanghai University of international business and economics, Qingdao University of science and technology, Suzhou Industrial Park vocational and technical college, Suzhou Industrial Vocational and technical college, Shunde Vocational and technical college. At the same time, te volunteers will be recruited to share scientific and technological innovation knowledge with students and provide career planning and personal growth guidance. Te hopes to help future engineers connect the world and carry out innovation activities more effectively through this project. The first lecture on artificial intelligence was held at the 2018 China Innovation Summit, which officially kicked off the series of lectures

Mr. Lai Yongge, vice president of TE and general manager of China, said: for 30 years, we have been helping China's interconnection through our own products, technologies and services. Today, we join hands with te's employees, customers and partners to celebrate te's 30th anniversary in China in a meaningful way. The early online activities gathered the strength of all sectors of society and promoted the launch of the public welfare project of linking China for three decades. Through the interconnection devices assisted by te products and the knowledge sharing of te volunteers, we hope to help China's future innovative generation connect the world and embrace the future

since entering the Chinese Mainland market in 1988, the growth of te has witnessed and helped China's economic take-off and industry development. Before being warmly welcomed by President Yamin and his wife, te has 14 production bases and more than 20000 employees in China, and has the ability to integrate R & D, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and sales, providing leading connection and sensing technologies and services for 1 vertical market to improve the effect of policies

the core driving force behind this is the growing local R & D and engineering capabilities of steel pressed te with a certain shape. So far, te has more than 2000 engineers in China, accounting for about 1/3 of the number of engineers in the world; China R & D Engineering Center, one of the six largest R & D centers in the world, is located in Shanghai. China is also one of the most important patent application regions of te in the world. Through continuous hardware investment and local talent training, te has built strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities in China, enabling Te to participate in the early development stage of customers, jointly design with local customers, share innovative achievements, and help the development of China's cutting-edge technology, including China's high-speed rail, new energy vehicles, communications electronics, smart home and other major emerging fields

at the same time, te also focused on the innovation status of all engineers in China. Over the years, te has carried out innovation research on Chinese engineers with relevant government agencies, and issued the 2015 China engineers innovation index and 2016 China engineers innovation index, which provide a valuable reference for enterprises and institutions in China to improve the innovation mechanism

in the future, we will continue to improve our manufacturing capacity in China, strengthen local innovation, continue to cultivate Chinese talents, contribute to China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and help China create a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future. Mr. Lai Yongge said

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