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Technical life: regretless green years

a person's life is no longer long than the end of life, and the story is no longer tangled or messy, but the end of the play. The green years are not obvious enough, but those dead lives and stories. End, kill, this will be a monument in life, commemorating for the past, commemorating for the future, and commemorating for no regrets

about our belief - ambition is the heart of faith once, and it is also the belief that we are now unwilling to let ourselves down. We are all young and frivolous. We think our ideals and ambitions are just a matter of one thought. Adhere to the things we think are right with an enthusiastic attitude, waste those green time with a rebellious big boy mood, and interpret our firmness and courage for life with no regrets

some people say that the most daring age in life is the world outlook and values as clean as a piece of white paper when you don't miss the dangerous times in society. The environment without excessive vicious competition allows a person to give full play to all his talents and abilities. In the past few days, we have not hesitated to work hard for our different ideals and persevere for them. Time has taken away some of our youth, and we are still left with our passion for dreams at this time. If the sealing gasket is broken and confident. Therefore, we have no regrets about those years. Because of those days, we now know more and guard our original dreams

some people are doomed to love in captivity at the beginning, without any sign; Some people are destined to be bosom friends at the beginning, without any objection. There have been such a group of boys and girls in our lives. He loves her, she loves him, and he loves her The vicious circle of, or she is his confidant, he is her favorite, just so simple and clear

about those past years in life, what we need is a persistent love, or regret, or sadness, but it is such an experience that makes youth show its value. Love is the crystallization of sweetness and sadness. I don't know who will encounter sweetness and sadness. In my memory, "struggle" is a story about a group of people who are heartbroken and hard-working for their ideals, so the love in "struggle" will be the highlight of this play. Miley's words to Lu Tao: no one is as good to me as you. This is love, a person's love, I love you but don't talk about the reason for the rapid development of the platform. I believe that we all have such beautiful and broken years in our lives. The end is often not the meaning of love, but the age and time we spent with the people we want to be involved in love

sadness is more often the end of love in those years, but it is not the regret of those good times. It's hard to go back to high school or college to talk about a simple relationship again, and now when I recall it, I have the purity of being 20 years old and the youth of being 18 years old. Maybe this is the true meaning of love, not to be together, but to commemorate the value of those years

recalling the years that have ended again, I think it should be a feeling of no regrets. In the past, there was no regret to sleep in a certain part of life for the present. The ideals that have been adhered to have begun to shine now, and the memories of the passing years have spread the taste of happiness

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