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Te connectivity released a new heavy-duty connector solution

Shanghai, China. On September 26th, 2017, t, a global leader in the field of connectivity and sensing, selected the appropriate force measuring disc. E connectivity (hereinafter referred to as TE) provides a comprehensive connection solution for all types of electrical machines to avoid uneven levels of experimental machines caused by vibration during use. As the development of connection technology tends to be smaller, more convenient to install, more reliable in performance, and more optimized in installation and operation costs, te has taken advantage of the trend and introduced a new heavy-duty connector, which is suitable for various applications in servo motors and spindle motors

The heavy-duty connector of

te can ensure stable and reliable transmission connection under the most severe conditions. At the same time, the protection grade is up to ip69k, and the salt spray resistance is up to 1000 hours. The new heavy-duty connector adopts a modular design, which can provide power, signal and data transmission in a compact unit. The integrated design of the connector frame can easily assemble modular plug-ins, and its docking frame can realize blind plug-in, further saving installation time and cost

te heavy-duty connector was born more than 60 years ago. After years of development and upgrading, it has a wide range of applications. The heavy-duty connector is a landmark product that can stand the test of time. Sascha lambauer, the product manager of te heavy-duty connector, shows in the aspects of the material of the experimental machine itself, the accuracy of the sensor, the precision of machining and so on. Like many other solutions of TE, the heavy-duty connector (HDC) can withstand the harsh environment and ensure the safe and reliable transmission connection under the harsh work conditions. Using heavy-duty connectors, designers can flexibly design servo motors and spindle motors

servo motors are becoming increasingly popular because of their ultra-high efficiency, especially for applications such as material handling systems and internal machinery. At the same time, due to the continuous development in the field of machine tools, which puts forward higher requirements for accuracy and reliability, spindle motors are becoming the core of modern production systems, committed to providing high-quality end products

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