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Te connectivity and CCID consultants jointly released the 2018 report on the innovation energy index of Chinese engineers

China industrial control information. Te connectivity and CCID consultants jointly released the 2018 report on the innovation energy index of Chinese engineers

(September 4, 2018, Shanghai). The global leading enterprise in the field of connectivity and sensing, te connectivity (hereinafter referred to as TE), was jointly released with CCID consultants 2018 report on innovation energy index of Chinese Engineers (hereinafter referred to as 2018 report). Communication/it/other electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as communication) and automobile industry have become the fields with the largest innovation space in the eyes of domestic engineers at present; More than 80% of engineers are optimistic about China's innovative future; Nearly 60% of Chinese engineers have innovative feelings to change the world through technology

According to the 2018 report, 81% of domestic engineers agree that China's innovation strength has improved compared with five years ago. This result coincides with the recognition of Cornell University, the European School of business administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization for the improvement of China's innovation strength. Behind the rise of China's innovation is the increasing engineering innovation ability. Gu Wenbin, a senior analyst at CCID Consulting, pointed out that this year, we and te jointly pay attention to the innovation of Chinese engineers. It is our hope to understand the innovation drive of engineers through research, and explore how enterprises and society can better empower and work together in a timely manner; Stimulate the potential of engineers and promote the upgrading of China's innovation backbone

Mr. Lai Yongge, vice president and general manager of te connectivity in China, said that te is committed to creating a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future. We know that engineers are the core force to achieve this mission. Since 2014, we have continued to pay attention to the innovation issues of engineers. We are delighted to see engineers' affirmation of China's innovation environment, and hope to provide more insight through investigation and research, so as to gather the strength of all sectors of society and stimulate engineers' innovation vitality and energy

this year's research cited the innovation energy index to gain insight into the factors affecting innovation and future trends from the perspective of engineers; At the same time, it discusses how engineers can improve their innovation ability, how enterprises can cultivate innovation soil and how society can speed up innovation, and presents the opinions of current Chinese engineers in the report

where does the innovation energy of engineers come from

nearly 60% of the interviewed engineers believe that the purpose of innovation is to change the world through technology. The post-50s engineers hope to change the world through technology, with the highest rate of 64%, which is the most engineer friendly; In terms of industry, the proportion of engineers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry choosing this item is as high as 57%, ranking first. In addition, post-90s engineers are more enthusiastic about innovation than engineers of other ages. The proportion of engineers who choose innovation as their passion is higher than that of engineers of other ages

the communication and automotive industry is an innovative energy outlet in the eyes of engineers. 83% of engineers believe that the communication industry has the largest space for innovation; 53% of engineers choose researchers who only use the automotive industry in a small range. The communication industry has great market demand, rapid technological iteration, mature industrial chain, short verification cycle and other advantages, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles has also ushered in the spring of innovation in China's automotive industry; In contrast, respondents generally believe that traditional mining/metallurgy/construction and other industries have little room for innovation. Engineers believe that artificial intelligence, big data and new materials are key technologies that will affect future innovation, while blockchain technology, which has been frequently seen in newspapers in recent years, has not been favored by engineers

How can enterprises and society enable innovation

How can enterprises cultivate the soil of innovation? The 2018 report shows that insufficient financial support and imperfect research supporting facilities are the main factors restricting innovation. Engineers hope that while providing these hardware support, enterprises will build an open innovation exchange mechanism and platform, establish a multi-dimensional innovation performance incentive mechanism, and ensure that engineers have enough time and energy for innovation to avoid unnecessary internal consumption of hf:650 ℃/16h/ac

the report also shows that 70% of the respondents want enterprises to provide tolerance. What is the tensile strength of copper? Trial and error opportunities. Judging from the trend, the younger the engineer, the stronger the demand for trial and error opportunities. In order to encourage innovation and protect innovation enthusiasm, it is a great challenge for enterprises to meet the requirements of fund control and project timeliness while providing a relatively loose fault-tolerant mechanism

How can society fuel innovation? More than 80% of engineers believe that innovation support policies, especially the protection of intellectual property rights and talent training, are more important to improve the social innovation environment; Nearly 70% of engineers hope that innovation can be recognized more realistically, such as interest reduction and exemption of house purchase loans

innovation energy index of Chinese engineers

the 2018 report constructs the innovation energy index of Chinese Engineers (hereinafter referred to as the index) from four dimensions: engineers' satisfaction with the current situation of personal innovation, the innovation platform and atmosphere provided by their enterprises, the evaluation of China's social innovation environment, and whether they are optimistic about the future of China's innovation. The index aims to reflect the current situation of individuals, enterprises and society in the innovation ecosystem. The comprehensive score of the index can be used as an annual reference point to observe the changes in China's social innovation strength now and in the future. According to the evaluation, the comprehensive score of the index in 2018 is 82 (the full score is 100). Among them, the personal satisfaction index is 22, the enterprise satisfaction index is 25, the social satisfaction index is 21, and the future confidence index is 14

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