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Technology upgrading power transmission and transformation will enter the era of intelligence. The increasing demand for power, energy conservation and emission reduction, the adjustment of power supply structure, the development of power security and power market, the new construction of power facilities and the renewal and transformation of old equipment, and the application of new technologies will promote the continuous development and change of power transmission and transformation technology

then, where will the technological development of power transmission and transformation equipment go in the future

is it intelligent? Flexible transmission? Or high temperature superconducting technology

not long ago, following the Symposium on the future development trend of the power generation equipment industry, the China Electrotechnical Society also organized an Expert Symposium on the "future development strategy of power transmission and transformation equipment" in Beijing

intelligent electric technology is emerging.

to explore the development direction of future power transmission and transformation technology, "we should first pay attention to what the future electricity is like", Xiao Liye, director of the Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has a clear view. We are surprised

he believes that with the continuous development of renewable energy, the pattern of primary energy dominated by renewable energy and terminal energy dominated by electricity will become a reality in the future, "This major change in the energy system will bring major challenges and serious impacts to electricity. The development of new technologies such as information technology, communication technology, new material technology, energy storage technology and so on provides technical support to meet these major challenges."

therefore, Xiao Liye believes that intelligent electricity using modern information technology, new material technology, energy storage technology and new electrical organization structure and operation mode can accommodate the access of new energy systems on a large scale and realize optimized adaptive interaction in all links of electricity. "It can be said that smart electricity can also be called 'future electricity' or 'next generation electricity' if users can pay attention to some details in the use process, which complement and are indispensable to clean energy."

Shi Zuming, a professor level senior engineer of Shanghai electric power transmission and distribution group, holds basically the same view. He said, "the focus of energy in the future is on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage and 'plug and play' electric vehicles. These solutions will rely on smart electricity. Therefore, smart electricity is the foundation of energy in the future."

"intelligence has become a new trend in the development of electricity in the world. Given that the development of smart electricity plays an important role in ensuring energy security, improving energy efficiency, improving energy structure, coping with climate change and improving service levels, some countries have incorporated it into their national energy strategies, and some have taken it as an important measure to deal with the current international financial crisis." Wang Gang, a professor engineer of Henan PingGao Electric Co., Ltd., said

he believes that "it is feasible to take UHV and smart electricity as the main trend of power development in the future, both conceptually and practically. The future development strategy of power transmission and transformation equipment should also be based on UHV and smart electricity."

in fact, "intelligent" can be called one of the most frequently used words in the Symposium on that day. Plastic extruder is usually called one of the main engines. Wu Wei, deputy general manager of TBEA, also gave his views, "The future technology of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprises should develop in the following directions: first, ultra-high voltage, second, intelligence, third, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and fourth, system integration technology, developing towards intensification.

flexible transmission technology has broad prospects.

based on the concept of future large power development and the power pattern formed by the development of new energy, Liu Dongsheng, deputy chief engineer of Tianwei BaoBian Electric Co., Ltd., believes that in addition to AC and DC ultra-high voltage Piezoelectric equipment technology and intelligent power transmission and transformation equipment technology. In the future, the development direction of power transmission and transformation equipment technology also includes light DC or flexible power transmission technology, low-cost and low loss equipment new technology

the so-called flexible AC transmission system is a transmission technology based on the application of power electronics technology and modern control technology to flexibly and quickly adjust the impedance, voltage and phase of AC transmission system

Shi Zuming said that flexible AC transmission system technology is known abroad as the product of the "second revolution triggered by silicon" of power system control technology, and can be called one of the cutting-edge topics with revolutionary influence in modern power system. "From EHV transmission series compensation, static var compensation to the recent power quality control technology and equipment of distribution system, its application range is very wide."

he believes that in order to improve the transmission capacity of China's transmission lines and improve the stability and safety of the system, "the focus of the promotion and application of flexible AC transmission technology in China is the series compensation technology, including the promotion and application of fixed series compensation and controllable series compensation." At present, flexible AC transmission equipment has been applied in the field of power distribution, such as active filter, fast switching switch, dynamic voltage restorer and so on

with the expansion of power transmission scale, the increase of power transmission capacity at the receiving end and the increase of drop points, there is an increasing demand for voltage support and dynamic voltage stability devices of the receiving end system, "which requires that static var compensation and advanced static synchronous compensation devices will also be promoted and applied in a wider range". Shi Zuming further said that static var compensation is the first domestic product and has been popularized and applied

As one of the high-tech technologies with strategic significance in the 21st century, high-temperature superconducting technology, which can be widely used in the fields of energy, information, medical treatment, transportation, national defense scientific research and national defense industry, has also been widely mentioned

it is understood that the superconducting power equipment mainly researched and developed abroad at present mainly includes high-temperature superconducting cables, superconducting fault current limiters, superconducting energy storage devices, superconducting transformers, superconducting motors and high-temperature superconducting synchronous generators for reactive power compensation

Shi Zuming said that HTS cable has large current carrying capacity, low loss and small volume, and the transmission capacity will be 3-5 times higher than that of conventional cable. "With the increasing power load in big cities, the penetration of high-voltage overhead lines into the urban load center is affected by many factors, and it is often necessary to use underground cables to transmit electric energy to the urban load center. In this case, the use of high-temperature superconducting transmission cables has obvious advantages and is an important way to solve the problem of large capacity and low loss transmission."

since the 1990s, the United States, Japan, Denmark and South Korea have successively carried out research on superconducting transmission cables. China has also made outstanding progress in the development of superconducting cables

the efficiency of superconducting motor can be increased by 0.5%~0.8% compared with conventional motor, the weight of the whole machine can be reduced by 1/3~1/2, and the single machine capacity can reach more than one million KVA. Shi Zuming, for example, said that according to the prediction of American superconductor company, if the 10 MW direct drive generator is manufactured with traditional technology, its weight will reach about 300t, while the 10 MW Generator manufactured with superconductor technology weighs only about 120t

because the superconducting energy storage coil is almost lossless, compared with other energy storage systems, the superconducting energy storage has a conversion efficiency of up to 95% and a reaction speed of up to a few milliseconds. "Because of this, the superconducting energy storage device can be used not only to adjust the peak and valley of the power system, but also to reduce or even eliminate the low-frequency power oscillation of electricity, so as to improve the voltage and frequency characteristics of electricity. In addition, it can also be used to adjust reactive power and power factors to improve the stability of the system." Shi Zuming said

"with the development and application of the second generation of superconducting materials, the application of superconducting technology and superconducting power devices is bound to make a new leap." He said

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