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Science and technology "war epidemic" promotes the research and development of various applications, temperature measuring robots, new intelligent solutions, etc., pointing out the trend for the development of the industry

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the sudden COVID-19 has affected all walks of life to varying degrees. Many companies use their own advantages to quickly switch the "track" and innovate and develop various applications to deal with the epidemic. This scientific and technological "war epidemic" can be said to be a rare scientific and technological application "training" in human history. It not only tests the achievements of scientific and Technological Development in the past few years, but also rings an alarm for the development of the industry

research and development of epidemic prevention products

launch of infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring robot

Sichuan didano technology is an innovative technology company founded by five fathers and focusing on the healthy growth of children. It is committed to carrying out innovative research in the field of early childhood education through intelligent robots and artificial intelligence (AI), and helping early childhood education institutions to build safer, more scientific and more competitive intelligent kindergartens. After four years of development, didano technology has provided intelligent services to more than 1000 kindergartens across the country

Xu Bo, CEO of didano Technology Co., Ltd., said that after the COVID-19, the company canceled its vacation during the Spring Festival, quickly organized team technicians to adjust the original technical system and launched an infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement robot

the development and launch of this robot is the result of the company's prediction of the market under the influence of the current epidemic. Generally speaking, this product has more application scenarios. Its task is not only to control the electromechanical devices by the servo system for emergency use in public places, but also to incorporate it into primary and secondary school applications, not only limited to kindergartens

"the infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring robot can quickly and accurately identify body temperature, avoid crowds, and improve efficiency. It is very suitable for hospitals, enterprises, schools, factories and other public places with large traffic." Xu Bo said that on February 4, more than 70 sets of the new product were sold as soon as it was launched. At present, the company has started the pre-sale and production of 300 infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring robots

"in marketing, we try to keep the price to the lowest." For large quantities of orders, Xu Bo said that at present, the company, on the one hand, helps other enterprises order cheaper products on the premise of controlling costs; On the other hand, in this "epidemic" of nationwide participation, they are more willing to reflect the company's social sense than earn more profits

Xu Bo said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the whole society was paying attention to safety and health issues. In the long run, it may promote the rapid expansion of China's service robot market in the education industry and become a bright spot in the robot market application. "The whole team is also actively self-help, hoping to use their core technology to develop more cost-effective products as soon as possible."

commercial real estate is impacted

smart solutions are the key

if there is no COVID-19, retail and shopping malls should be the busiest places

Xu Jue, chairman of Chengdu yunku singularity Technology Co., Ltd., returned to work to help enterprises achieve good performance at the exhibition. The first thing is to contact various retail stores and shopping centers, find out their problems and needs, and find ways to solve problems through intelligent solutions

"in my opinion, it will take at least seven months for commercial real estate such as retail and shopping center complexes to recover to the state before the COVID-19." After making a basic judgment on the situation of the industry, Xu Jue set two goals for the company: one is to provide customers operating commercial real estate with the maximum support and improvement of technology and programs, and the other is to strive for their own enterprises to survive

for shopping centers, ensuring the continuous entry of merchants is the first step, and the second is how to let merchants sell their goods. To this end, Xu Jue's company first helped the shopping center formulate a rent reduction plan, and then upgraded the software for the shopping center, solved technical problems, and found ways to channel offline traffic to online traffic

"at present, we have initially developed a small program + live broadcast mode for some shopping centers to carry out business". Xu Jue wants to maximize the problem of the lack of online scene optimization with the rapid economic development of Southeast Asia. At the same time, they also help shopping centers make more and more use of plastic surgery, blood sweat tubes, artificial vertebrae and other fields, further optimize the membership terms, and find ways to ensure traffic through members

"only with integrated solutions and intelligent support can we effectively deal with all kinds of sudden situations". The impact of the epidemic is also an opportunity for change and upgrading for Xu Jue's industry. "How to quickly and effectively convert online and offline, and how to make shopping centers better are the key topics to be studied in the future"

"although the epidemic has a great impact on the industry and the company, we still have confidence. First of all, we should practice our internal skills, turn challenges into opportunities, and strive to survive and become strong." Xu Jue finally said, "sooner or later, the 'lights' of the mall will light up."

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