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Delta attended the "cross strait university informatization construction dialogue" forum to share data center technology trends

recently, the cross strait university informatization construction dialogue forum hosted by datacenterdynamics was successfully held in Beijing in the same period of DCD hyperscale China 2017. More than 30 representatives from well-known institutions of higher learning on both sides of the Taiwan Strait were invited to the event to jointly explore the trend and transformation of university informatization construction. Delta, a leading manufacturer of global power management and cooling solutions, was invited to present its excellent solutions in the cloud computing era and the value it can bring to the education industry to experts and teachers from the information technology departments of colleges and universities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

Li Nan, director of the product development department of delta group Zhongda Diantong key infrastructure solutions, delivered a keynote speech on "changes and trends in infrastructure technology after virtualization" at the forum. He said that with the development of information construction in Colleges and universities and the increase of high-density computing, virtualization technology, as the engine of cloud computing environment, has been widely adopted, greatly improving the efficiency of IT equipment. At the same time, it will also bring various problems to the data center infrastructure and operation and maintenance environment. The demand for how to avoid the negative impact of virtualization will become increasingly prominent. In view of the various challenges faced by university data centers under the evolution of cloud computing and virtualization technology, Delta's highly innovative MDC Series modular data center solutions can solve hot issues with a simple architecture, ensure the reliability of the system, and realize rapid deployment and flexible growth

the demand for material life is increasing. Delta MDC modular data center solution breaks through the traditional design and adopts the design concept of modular data center, which can save customers the overall investment and management costs. Conform to the trend of the cloud computing era, through the three series of micro datacenter, dynamic datacenter and cloud datacenter, we can meet the needs of computer rooms from micro to super large data centers. We not only emphasize the improvement of organizational efficiency and the reduction of excessive configuration, but also have the advantages of reliability, availability, security and efficiency of operation and management

at the same time, the three series of delta MDC modular data center solutions provide intelligent management, operation and maintenance, which can realize dynamic energy management and monitor the dynamic pue during the operation of the entire data center. By monitoring the pue data displayed in various periods, we can understand the energy consumption of equipment in the computer room, realize the real-time monitoring and analysis of pue, and assist users in saving energy and reducing consumption

Delta has always attached importance to and deeply cultivated the education industry, explored the best scheme of data center infrastructure and the construction mode under the new trend with university users around the world, and created many successful campus data center projects, such as Nanjing University, Hunan University, Peking University, Taiwan University, Russian ural Federal University, etc. In the future, as the best partner of university data center infrastructure, Delta will also continue to understand customer needs through technological innovation, focus on its own advantages, create the best user experience, help customers quickly deploy new businesses, and create the best experience for customers

at the forum, Huang Mingda, chairman of the Information Service Association of Tamkang University and colleges in Taiwan, and Liu Xiaodong, project director of the computer network information center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also made wonderful reports on their respective topics of concern

about Delta

founded in 1971, delta is a leading manufacturer of solutions for power management and heat dissipation to crack sample gaps, and occupies a world-class important position in many product fields. Facing the increasingly serious issue of climate change, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, automation and infrastructure. At the same time, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving solutions. Delta operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, the United States, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe

in recent years, Delta has successively won a number of international honors and affirmation. Since 2011, Delta has been selected into the DJSI world of the Dow Jones sustainable development index for seven consecutive years. In the 2016 annual evaluation of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Delta has distinguished itself from more than 5800 large-scale enterprises participating in the CDP evaluation around the world and obtained the climate change leadership rating

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about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda Diantong was founded in Shanghai in 1992, and has maintained a high-speed development with an average annual growth of 28% since its operation, providing industrial users with efficient and reliable power, video, automation and energy-saving application solutions. It ranks first in the market share of communication power supply and is also a leading manufacturer of video display and industrial automation solutions

Zhongda Diantong integrates the excellent power electronics and control technology of the parent company delta group, continues to introduce products with leading performance at home and abroad, and puts forward complete solutions based on the process needs of all walks of life under the in-depth understanding of the operating environment of Chinese customers, so as to create a competitive advantage for customers. Adhering to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, it has become a strategic partner of China Mobile in green action, and has successively launched a number of new applications in energy conservation, emission reduction and building energy conservation technologies

in order to meet customers' needs for uninterrupted operation, Zhongda Diantong has set up 45 branches, 45 technical service points and 12 maintenance points across the country. Relying on a well-trained technical service team, Zhongda provides customers with personalized and comprehensive pre-sales and in-sales services and the most reliable after-sales guarantee

after 20 years of intensive cultivation, with the efforts of more than 1300 employees, the turnover of Zhongda Diantong in 2016 was about 3.6 billion yuan. In the future, Zhongda will continue to innovate and create a smarter and more environmentally friendly future through close cooperation with customers

Zhongda Diantong is a reliable industrial partner

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