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TEDA forklift driving competition "big guy" plays football at a high level

TEDA forklift driving competition "big guy" plays football at a high level

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recently, the final of the fourth forklift driver skills competition in Tianjin Development Zone kicked off, and 50 players who stood out from the sub competition held a fierce competition, showing the audience and judges their eyes, hands The highest technical level of spring testing machine in the era of foot fitting

"slow down, slow down, OK!" At the fourth forklift competition in the Development Zone, the contestants drove forklifts and put pallets on the shelves quickly and accurately. If there was a slight deviation, the shelves would shake and affect the results. "This forklift truck competition has set up a total of six competitions. After the fierce competition of the first five sub competitions, a total of 50 players entered the finals. These players are very skilled and calm, showing the highest level of players in this competition." The relevant person in charge said that every link of the forklift truck competition requires the players to coordinate the height of their eyes, hands and feet. Although the competition is very difficult, the referee is still very strict. During the competition, all small actions that do not meet the safety specifications are deducted one by one

after nearly three hours of intense and fierce competition, Luxing bingshun, Yuxin plastic xuguangwei and Shilong, respectively, won the top three in the competition, and were awarded the Binhai New Area level "May Day" labor medal on the spot. "Compared with previous competitions, this competition has set a record in terms of the number of participants, the scope of involvement and other aspects of the pressure experiment machine directly controlled by computers. The schedule and system of the competition have also become more mature and rich with the holding of the competition for many years." The relevant person in charge said that first of all, the scale of the competition was further expanded. The participating units covered nearly 50 enterprises in seven industries in the Development Zone, basically including large enterprises in the East, West, central, modern industrial zone, Microelectronics Industrial Zone and so on. The contestants also expanded from the original Eastern District to the Western District, Microelectronics Industrial District, modern industrial district and central district

at the same time, the fourth forklift truck competition in the development zone also set up sub venues. Five sub venues are set up according to the area where the employees are located, so that the employees can participate in the competition nearby, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in the competition. In terms of the establishment of competition items, the game transformed the dribbling, passing, shooting and other actions in the football match into forklift competition items for the first time. If the operation is improper, three competition items, namely, layer by layer promotion, cross transposition and breakthrough shooting, are set up to test the players' comprehensive technical level in an all-round way

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