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Technical measures to solve the rapid coking and carbon deposition of the rotating cup atomized heavy oil burner

technical measures to solve the rapid coking and carbon deposition of the rotating cup atomized heavy oil burner according to the technical characteristics of the rotating cup atomized heavy oil burner, it should be suitable for burning high viscosity heavy oil fuel, However, many enterprises provide them with more cost-effective ways to use carbon fiber for higher performance. When using 180 imported standard fuel oil, Zach burner produces serious problems such as coking and carbon deposition in about 5 days, and the working efficiency of the boiler decreases significantly. The reasons are as follows:

1. The content of colloidal asphaltene in the fuel oil increases, the viscosity resistance increases correspondingly, and the flow transmission performance decreases

2. The low pressure of the fuel injection pump leads to uneven oil supply, which causes asphaltene to adhere to the wall and accumulate when the fuel passes through the burner at low flow, resulting in rapid coking

3. The preparation conditions of oil supply system (including daily oil tank, fuel injection pump, oil pipeline, etc.) lag behind, resulting in insufficient suction of oil pump and reduced output pressure, which promotes uneven fuel flow

4. The combustion process temperature is too low to meet the atomization technical requirements of fuel viscosity temperature index, which can automatically measure the total elongation and residual deformation of anchor rod

technical measures for improvement:

1. Apply the technology of increased source fuel combustion engine to finely crush and disperse the fuel before combustion, so that the colloidal asphaltene cluster structure and large particle water in the fuel can be fully refined, effectively control the contradiction of steam blocking oil produced by high water content, greatly improve the internal quality of fuel, and improve the fineness and uniformity of spray atomized particles

2. Improve the current situation of lagging design of fuel supply system

3. Correspondingly increase the temperature of the combustion process, effectively control the coking and carbon deposition in the burner, and significantly improve the combustion efficiency and comprehensive energy-saving effect

4. On this basis, configuring the production equipment system of refined emulsified products of increased source fuel can further reduce the fuel cost, greatly improve the combustion effect and flue gas emission quality, and achieve significant comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection benefits. Please check Zengyuan fuel station for detailed technical conditions The above content is provided by Zhuhai Zengyuan energy conservation and Environmental Protection Research Institute (end)

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