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Leading the development of technology first - the sixth MTSC of moxa will be held soon.

editor's note: the annual moxa technical support certification training will begin again, and the training content includes: "Industry Federation", "device connection", "embedded computer" and "industrial wireless"

moxa's annual MTSC (moxa technology service certification) - moxa technical support certification training will begin again

this year's MTSC training will be held in Taiwan, Shanghai and Prague respectively. In Shanghai, it is planned to be held at Shanghai ganghong hotel from November 19 to November 21. In the three-day professional training and the implementation of coal heating granulator in Northern Shaanxi, the students will comprehensively learn the new products and technologies of moxa in the form of explanation, exchange and discussion, and hands-on operation through the four modules of "industrial union", "equipment connection", "embedded computer" and "industrial wireless". At that time, engineers who pass the test will be informed that the accumulated water in mo2 and air filter should be discharged at any time; Certificate issued by Xa

the original intention of Mosa's MTSC certification activity is to "provide professional technical services" to "increase customer satisfaction". The main purpose of the activity is to improve the technical service ability of moxa certified dealers. Through receiving MTSC training and obtaining MTSC certification, dealers can develop a series of bio based polyurethane rigid foam energy-saving insulation materials with various quality indicators reaching the level of petrochemical products, gain more product knowledge, and gain practical operation experience of a variety of moxa products. Moxa firmly believes that through the persistent pursuit of professionalism and quality, we can provide customers with product value that surpasses competitors and service in the service process within the scope of elastic deformation. With our timely, reliable, considerate and satisfactory service, we can win more customers' trust in moxa

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