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Shantui's high-quality service has been praised by Pakistani customers

recently, compared with the standard revised in 2003, Pakistan sent a letter of thanks to Shantui Jianyou from the fourth construction department and the Fifth Construction Department of kistan KKH phase II project, which highly affirmed the working efficiency, product quality and technical service of the company's concrete mixing equipment, and highly praised the work performance and achievements of the two after-sales service engineers

Pakistan KKH phase II project is an important part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and an important achievement of China Communications Construction in implementing the national "the Belt and Road" strategy. Shantujian makes the temperature of printing materials high, and more than 20 sets of products have participated in the construction of the project. In order to ensure the normal operation of products, the company has sent two after-sales service engineers, guoyongjun and Liu Zeng, to provide product warranty services

two after-sales service engineers overcame the tense safety situation, inconvenient language, inconvenient transportation and mosquito bites in the workplace. After a year of hard work, they managed more than 20 equipment with two construction parts on multiple construction sites in good order, ensured the good operation of the equipment, and truly achieved active service, responsive to requests and answering questions. Even without accessories, he was able to give full play to his intelligence and make some small workpieces to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, which won high recognition from customers

The smooth implementation of KKH project will promote the friendship between China and Pakistan, and further consolidate the cooperation between the company and China Communications Construction System

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